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Are you looking for a private investigator for individuals in Madrid? At Detectives 360º we offer this service. And we work in the rest of Spain and internationally. All our private investigators are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, so we develop our detective work for individuals in accordance with the law and with the maximum guarantees, issuing at the end of our investigation an investigation report that includes the actions carried out, normally providing photographs and videos and that can be provided in court, because it has full judicial validity, and must be ratified by the private investigator.

As good private investigators, we offer you trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment in the form of fully professional private detectives.

Most of our work is carried out in the Community of Madrid and we have a wide network of collaborators distributed throughout Spain, in addition to moving to the point where you want to carry out the task.

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By going to Detectives 360º you will receive a totally personalized treatment. Our work is characterized by discretion and patience.


The entire process will be treated with complete confidentiality. There is no room for information leaks or leaks.


All our work is carried out under absolute legality. Our commitment and dedication is guaranteed at all times.

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Our private investigator service for individuals

Among others, we are private investigators for individuals, the most demanded services in this area being those that correspond to infidelities, alimony, demonstration of coexistence, work activity and underground economy, custody and location of people. If you suspect an infidelity on the part of your spouse or current partner, a private investigator from our company will carry out a confidential investigation with the utmost seriousness, which will allow you to clarify doubts and, in case of confirmation, obtain the necessary evidence to prove the relationship with a third party.

Alimony, demonstration of coexistence, work activity and shadow economy, custodians, are usually interrelated. Everything happens within the family, almost always with children involved. It is a matter of seeing that the ex-partner carries out a work activity or demonstrates income higher than what he or she manifests, that he lives maritally with another person, having the right to the extinction or reduction of the right to pension (article 101 of the Civil Code), or care that the child or minor receives when he is with the ex-partner, being able to be neglected for work or personal reasons or be exposed to undesirable environments.

As for the location of people, the usual thing is that our private detectives for individuals search and locate distant relatives or with whom contact has been lost and also old friends whom they want to see again.

Location of People

Find out the whereabouts of that person who left a pending liability with you, a payment, a debt or a court appointment. We will locate everything possible within the law.

Proof of shared living

If you need to prove to a legal process that your ex-partner lives with another person, we can provide you with the corroborating details. This will prevent them from taking advantage of a compensatory pension.


Check that your ex-partner is really qualified to exercise custody of your children. If you ever had questions, now is the time to answer them.


If you suspect a possible infidelity on the part of your partner, put your case in our hands. We will collect the information you need to find out.

Alimony pensions

If your ex-partner hides your work activity to avoid paying you alimony, or to continue collecting it, we will help you prove it with evidence and data.

Control of minors

Make sure your minor child continues to move within the law. Avoid bigger problems by finding out where you spend your time if you have any suspicions.

Hire a private investigator in Madrid

Hiring a private investigator in Madrid or the rest of Spain may be your best decision. Thanks to it, you can get to the truth and the evidence that can help you to know the real situation of an event and also your victory in the trial, helped by the report issued at the end of the investigation. These reports do not always end in court, that is, in court. In matters of infidelity, the report is usually for the internal knowledge of the client, who only wants to confirm his suspicions, is curious about the other person, needs evidence to avoid being taken for a ride by his partner or needs to justify himself to family and friends who have idealized to the other party and they would hardly believe in a situation of infidelity.

Regarding pension issues, private detective reports for individuals are essential in situations of underground economy, which are otherwise very difficult to prove, as well as hiring a private investigator in Madrid or the rest of Spain or the world, will demonstrate without problems that his ex-partner is living together with another person, having the right to the termination of the pension (article 101 of the Civil Code).

The evidence that may help you to know the real situation of an event and also your victory in the trial, aided by the report issued at the end of the investigation.

What is a private investigation by a private investigator like?

Private investigation services are many and varied. Therefore, the way to investigate them depends on each one. If you want to hire a private investigator, bear in mind first that surveillance and monitoring is not the same as subterfuge and / or infiltration, than commercial and / or property reports, in the case of economic investigations, where a patrimonial investigation is carried out , corporate, business or commercial, which the polygraph test, which forensic computing services or computer detective, which OSINT (open sourse intelligence) reports, which mystery shopper, mystery customer or mystery shopper, which locations or disappearances, which installation of cameras hidden, than electronic sweeps to detect hidden microphones.

In addition, within all these services there are numerous peculiarities. The search for a friend or the search for a relative, who in principle do not hide and are not afraid of being located by anyone, is not the same as the search for a debtor or search for a defaulter, than in order to avoid their obligations pecuniary, do your best not to be located. In many cases, private investigation services are treated or supplemented by surveillance and follow-ups, but in many others complementary procedures are required, direct contacts with the investigated or the intervention of expert and specialized personnel in very specific services, who also need equipment special.

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How much does the services of a private investigator in Madrid cost?

Private investigators and their prices in Madrid or Spain are determined by each case. The private investigator will adapt his work to the profile of the person to be investigated and to all kinds of issues that revolve around his life, such as the type of house in which he lives, since a giant building with many floors in the city is not the same. center of the city, either Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville or Zaragoza, where we will go more unnoticed but will have greater difficulty in identifying the investigated, than a villa in the middle of the field, where in principle we will clearly identify the investigated, but we will have greater problems to go unnoticed.

If, when hiring a private investigator, you believe that we are going to carry out surveillance and monitoring as the main or complementary element of the investigation (since there are many services that do not entail surveillance or monitoring), private investigator services in Madrid will be they bill by the hour, although again the prices of private investigators depend on other factors, such as the number of detectives to be employed and the expenses that that specific investigation entails.

Each case is unique and each case is different, for this reason we pay special importance to the personalized treatment of the client. Ask us your question and with more specific information we can make a budget adjusted to your case.

Each case is unique and each case is different, for this reason we pay special importance to the personalized treatment of the client.

How are the hours of a private investigation calculated?

The hours that a private investigator can use in private investigation services will vary depending on the specific case. If hiring a private investigator has a judicial purpose for you, that is, you need legal evidence for a matter, to be able to help yourself in a judicial process or trial, it will take more hours.

When the private investigator in Madrid carries out a matter whose report ends in court or trial, different criteria are important, such as habituality and recidivism. If we want the report made by detectives for individuals or detectives for companies to have the expected effect, it is necessary to observe repeated faults on the part of the investigated.

Any doubts?

Of course it is legal to hire a private investigator. Although for this there must be a legitimate interest and the investigation must be carried out by a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior without the violation of fundamental rights. All the detectives of Detectives 360º have this authorization.

A private investigator can investigate all kinds of private facts, as long as there is a legitimate interest and in any case he can NOT investigate public crimes, crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio.

On the other hand, it is totally illegal for a private detective to access messaging systems (WhatsApp, E-Mail) or third-party telephony, so this service is not carried out from Detectives 360º.

At the end of each investigation, the private investigator provides the client with a report specifying the actions carried out and the evidence obtained. Said report can be presented as evidence before the Courts of Justice and be ratified by a private investigator.
The validity of the report of a private investigator before the Courts of Justice is full, as long as it is a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, so do not hesitate to demand the exhibition of the Professional Identity Card (TIP). All the private investigators of Detectives 360º are legally authorized.

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