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Investigation solution for cheating investigations

If you are looking for private infidelity detectives in Madrid or the rest of Spain, you are in the right place. Of the infidelity private detective services that we carry out for individuals, these are among the most common.

It all starts with signs of infidelity: your partner uses the mobile phone at all times or is connected to social networks, finds marks, hair or similar issues on his clothes or body, takes more care of his physical appearance, surprises him with different behaviors during the day daily or in intimacy, he may have been unfaithful before, he has new friends, he is distant or absent and there is an increase in couple arguments, among others. Other times you just have the feeling that he is cheating you. Behind an infidelity there are numerous reasons or motives such as lack of love, routine and boredom and the need for seduction.

For these reasons, the hiring of infidelity private detective services are so frequent.


What is our private eye service for infidelities?

Investigation solutions

Once a client contacts a private detective for infidelity, having noticed habitual indications of infidelity in the marriage or the listed indications that his partner is unfaithful, signs a contract with the infidelity detectives, provides all the data to carry out The investigation demonstrates with a document the relationship you have with your partner, for example, if they are married by means of a copy of the family book, if they are not, it is seen in each case and finally a provision of funds is paid . An infidelity detective in Madrid or in the rest of Spain or internationally, will carry out a preliminary study of the case, analyzing the information provided, paying special attention to the departure or departure address and the work or destination addresses, known as possible by the client.

The usual thing in cheating investigations is to submit the investigated person to surveillance and monitoring, to observe what he does or does not do, who he meets with and if he really does what he says he is going to do, so it is interesting to select certain days and times in order for the investigation to be as effective as possible by the infidelity detective in Madrid.

What to keep in mind when hiring a detective for infidelities in Madrid?

When hiring a private detective for an infidelity in Madrid or Spain, it is important to provide as much data as possible. The more information private infidelity investigators have, the better they can carry out the investigation. The most important data for the infidelity detective Madrid are the address, the vehicle or means of transport that you use, if you suspect someone with whom you may be unfaithful and the days and hours that may be of greatest interest, since normally you suspect them focus on specific days and times.

However, other data such as the mobile phone number or your e-mail, although a priori may seem unnecessary data, may end up being the key for specific matters. Our investigation agency for infidels is aware of the importance of data and therefore pays close attention to the data collection that takes place before starting the investigation.

Information provided by a private eye for infidelities in Madrid

The information provided by a private detective for infidelities in Madrid or nationally or internationally, translates into the detective for infidelity taking a series of photographs and videos during the investigation and contributing that audiovisual material in the report, which has full judicial or trial validity.

Sometimes, for infidelity private detectives, photographs and videos are not necessary or according to very specific cases, it is not advisable to take them. In addition, the actions carried out and the events observed are written in writing, detailing the days, hours and places. And when hiring a legally authorized private detective for infidelity, he can legally include personal data in the report without violating the General Data Protection Regulation.


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Validity of evidence in a trial

The services of a private infidelity detective include the provision of evidence that is fully valid in a trial. These tests will depend on the hiring of private detectives of infidelities who have a license from the Ministry of the Interior. You can only and exclusively work as an infidelity detective in Madrid or in the rest of Spain, if you have this license. In addition, infidelity detectives must attend three years of university, must not have a criminal record and must pass a psychotechnical test, among other requirements, to obtain said license.

Once a suitable professional is hired, in addition to the possession of the license, the evidence must be obtained legally to be valid in a trial, so that rights of any kind should not be violated. As we regularly explain to our clients when they go to our infidelity detectives, the difficult thing is not to obtain the evidence, the difficult thing is to obtain the evidence legally, since only then will it be valid in a trial.

The evidence must be obtained legally to be valid in a trial, so that rights of any kind should not be violated.

In case of divorce

Infidelity private detectives in Madrid can help you in case of divorce for different reasons. Perhaps you are uncomfortable in your relationship, you do not know whether to divorce and suspect an infidelity on the part of your partner.

If confirmed by our private infidelity investigators, it will be easier for you to get divorced and you will have good reasons for it. Hiring a private infidelity eye can also help you in your divorce if you have children together, since the evidence can be on your side when defining the amount of the pension or child custody.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Information a private eye needs before a cheating investigation

The first thing private infidelity detectives need to know before investigating an infidelity is whether it is a female infidelity or an infidelity in the marriage on the part of the man. Questions such as whether women when they are unfaithful are more passionate than men or if, on the contrary, men when they are unfaithful are more passionate than women, we do not care.

Simply, private infidelity detectives are clear about whom to investigate, whether it is a woman or a man, because we can appreciate different types of behavior from one to the other. In addition, your home, sometimes work, the means of transport you use, your usual or supposed routine, etc.

The same patterns are always repeated

Cheating detectives observe a series of repeating patterns. The caller has noticed a series of signs or something strange, he has some kind of feeling. Our investigation agency for infidels provides its service by making the best means available to them and, if infidelity is confirmed, the lies of the investigated are detected. In the days and hours that he said to meet a friend, he hid another type of behavior behind. Also our private detectives for infidelities uncover lies behind simple consultations with the dentist or meetings or activities of all kinds. When it comes to informing the client by our infidel detectives, each one takes it differently and each one makes a different decision. It can be a relief or the worst news, but the important thing is to know it, to be able to decide.

If your partner is being unfaithful, discovering it is possible if you put your case in good hands. We know what details to investigate and what mistakes you may end up making.

Of course, infidelity detectives carry out this entire process with total discretion so that the person under investigation does not notice. As the saying goes, when water sounds like water it carries, so the chances that it is fooling you are high. If so, it is best to know as soon as possible and, unless you think about forgiving him, turn the page and be happy again.

Most common causes

Private infidelity investigators discover these facts after much work. How private detectives discover infidelities depends on each case. After discovering infidelities or the client discovering how to identify an infidelity, a series of causes that motivated it are identified. Lack of love is one of them. Time passes and people change, this or other reasons may be the key to lack of love in the couple. In addition, routine and boredom can be other more common causes for infidelity, the infidel seeking to break that routine and boredom through infidelity. In other private detective services for infidelity, it has been noted that the unfaithful acted driven by a need for seduction, this being the way to feel attractive and desired.

No one knows your partner better than you. You have lived with him or her for a long time and you can see perfectly when something strange is happening in the relationship. If the following symptoms sound like you, it could be that you are being tricked or misled:

A change in attitude, an unsatisfactory sexual life, the hiding of the mobile phone, the absence of the home, greater personal cleanliness and concern for your physical, changing clothes or a higher expense, are signs that can make you think of the worst.

There are numerous causes and numerous reasons for infidelity. If you want to know the truth, do not hesitate to hire an infidelity detective in Madrid.

How to hire the best private eye for infidelities?

To hire the best private detective for infidelities, the first thing you have to do is make sure that the detective provides his service as an infidelity detective while in possession of his Professional Identity Card, that is, the license of the Ministry of the Interior that is necessary to be able to work as a detective in Madrid or the rest of Spain legally and with all possible guarantees. That said, clients look to private infidelity investigators for confidence, solutions, information, and effectiveness.

If you have reached this page, it is because surely no friend or relative has been able to give you references to infidelity detectives or possibly, or have dared to ask. What we can offer you is trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment, which are our fundamental values. We will assess your case, we will put at your disposal the means to obtain the maximum possible result and we know that we work well for our regular clients. A dissatisfied customer does not return to the same company. We also offer services that other private infidelity investigators do not offer and we have an international vision.

Ask us your question and we will do our best to help you with an infidelity detective.

What is the legitimate interest in this type of investigation?

If you wonder how to investigate infidelities in a couple? or how does a private detective investigate an infidelity? The first thing our private detectives in Madrid have to do for infidelities is to see if there is a legitimate interest in this type of investigation. In order to get an idea, from a general point of view, it is not worth investigating the neighbor because you are curious, there must be some kind of link, for example the one that an employer has with his employee or the one that a mother of his son, etc.

Infidelity private detectives seek to verify that it is indeed your current partner or your spouse. In the case of marriage, it is usually easily demonstrated with a copy of the family book, in cases of simple boyfriends it must be seen case by case, but photographs or excerpts of conversations can be provided as an example for the detective in charge.


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What is the price of a private eye for infidelity?

The prices of private eyes of infidelities depend on the actions to be carried out and the time of the same. The private detectives of infidelities and their prices would be fixed in the case of a polygraph test, where a previous event has occurred in a trip, party or meeting and one of the members of the couple suspects that the other party may be missing a the truth, both demanding the polygraph test in Madrid or in other areas of Spain or internationally, in order to get to the truth.

If, on the contrary, in our investigation agency for infidels we are faced with surveillance and monitoring, it will depend on the place, the detectives to be employed and the expenses that the investigation may cause. In surveillance and monitoring, the amount for private detectives of infidelities, prices adjusted to our work, the common thing is to take into account the hours of service employed, with a minimum of hours per day and service. In special cases, our private infidelity detectives may have to carry out subterfuges and / or infiltrations in the area of ​​the investigated, to confirm or rule out their infidelity. We look forward to receiving your inquiry, we will be delighted to assist you and facilitate the task of hiring an infidelity detective.

Therefore, if you want to hire an infidelity private detective, do not hesitate to contact us.

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