Private Eyes for Lawyers - Litigation support

A private eye for lawyers is an investigator who supports the management of a legal professional or legal team. This support consists of gathering information or verifying it, so that the lawyer has evidence or indications in favor of his clients.

In order to practice as a private detective, it is necessary to treat facts and evidence in an ethical manner, a lot of creativity, experience, capacity for deduction, discretion and a broad knowledge of the law, especially in those cases in which we seek to collect a series of evidence, which may be used in a legal process.

In addition, this professional must have the capacity to command his research himself and provide a complete and quality service. An essential quality in a private detective is going unnoticed, knowing how to mix with people and knowing how to extract truthful information. At 360º Detectives we have collaborated with a multitude of lawyers, with the aim of providing legal evidence that may be helpful in the resolution of a judicial case. Our experience allows us to ensure an effective result, adapted to the needs of our clients.

The services provided by a private detective are very varied, but in almost any litigation they become indispensable, due to the importance of evidence in any type of trial.

Although our main nucleus is in the Community of Madrid and we move to other places in Spain, where we also have an important network of collaborators who contribute to our work in a professional and confidential way.

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Our young and qualified team always works under the strictest legality. All of our work is confidential and characterized by its efficiency.


The information between the client and our agency will be managed privately and discreetly. They will have a totally personalized treatment and always according to your needs.


We have an important network of collaborators spread throughout the Spanish territory. Our work is neat and dedicated to detail, always looking for the best possible results.

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Why does a lawyer need a private eye?

Lawyers require a lot of information to structure their cases, private eyes are responsible for obtaining that information, organizing it and providing it.

In divorce cases, private eyes investigate properties hidden by one of the spouses, purchase and sale of real estate, infidelities, and so on. If the divorce is contentious, evidence will be required to establish the case in favor of the represented.

In cases of child custody disputes, private eyes investigate the behavior of the parents in order to obtain arguments for their litigation. This issue must be handled with great care and always taking into account the laws in force, because in these cases we are deciding about the future of a minor.

In business loss cases, private eyes for attorneys are tasked with investigating employees and verifying their allegations. It may also require observation of the corporate system. If the private detective perceives the commission of a crime, he must inform the authorities and make the collected information available to them.

When people go to sign contracts, their attorneys need to know the business background of the signers. In addition, they verify that all the available information is true. This is very important at the corporate level, since these contracts tend to commit the organization and its shareholders.

In companies, it is important to investigate matters related to intellectual property, for example, copies of their products, leakage of information towards the competition, sale of data, etc. These investigations are very sensitive, as the company's plans can be affected. Likewise, if criminal matters are detected, the authorities must be alerted.

For identity and credential verification, private eyes also investigate the credentials of employees, contractors, and related personnel, to prevent identity theft or misappropriation of academic degrees or professional credentials.

Any aspect in which a lawyer must find out information to complete his file, litigation support is an adequate service to handle true information.

The services of a detective are indispensable in almost any litigation, due to the importance of the evidence in any trial.

Types of private eyes for lawyers

Within the activity related to Law, there are professionals who specialize in certain causes, the following are the most common.

Civil Detective

He deals with civil cases, for example divorce proceedings, child custody, buying and selling of properties, real estate, etc. Usually he is about corroborating information or making inquiries in registries and notaries.

Labor Detective

The detectives of the labor area are in charge of investigating employees, their identity and professional credentials, they are also in charge of investigating fraudulent terminations and any aspect related to the relationship between companies and workers.

Commercial Detective

The commercial detective makes a desk investigation. It is responsible for locating records, writings, and so on. It is a highly requested service at the corporate level, due to the consequences that this type of investigation can have for the company.

Advantages of a private eye for lawyers

For a lawyer, a detective at his service is a very effective support for his usual work.

The detective does a discreet and confidential work, everything he finds out is protected by professional ethics and by a previously signed contract.

The investigation methods are efficient and proven in thousands of cases and circumstances. The attorney can be sure that it will be an effective service.

The lawyer saves time, delegating the investigation to the detective, in this way he can dedicate himself to other legal tasks without distractions.

The detective for lawyers is an expert, his actions are professional and rigorous.

Legal detectives are trained to collect evidence so that it is valid in court.

Objective witness

One of the functions of a private detective for lawyers is to act as a witness in litigation. Often times, the evidence collected requires the investigator to testify before the judge as an objective witness.

Private detectives are trained in public speaking techniques, pinning down important facts and details. The objective is that, in the cases in which it is required, a detective can clarify a series of fundamental facts for a legal process, based on solid and legal evidence.

Active observation

Private detectives use specialized monitoring and observation techniques to detect important details and to do so professionally and within the limits of legality.

Provision of evidence and evidence

A litigation support is a service in which the most important thing is the identification of evidence and indications, this is done in a studied way so that it constitutes evidence before a court.

For example, there are events that require audiovisual recording, others can be documented through official records, it may also be necessary to locate witnesses.

In any case, the private detective for lawyers has the appropriate training to locate this type of clues and evidence for legal proceedings.

Litigation support service prices

The price of a private eye service will depend on the nature of the work, since it is not the same to verify the addresses of a group of people than to do a complex corporate investigation.

Another detail that will affect the price is the professional's level of specialization. At Detectives 360º we offer you a professional service, adapted to what you need and at the best price.

We are a detective agency with extensive experience in Litigation Support cases, we have worked in all types of cases, always adapting our investigation techniques to the conditions of each case.

We study each process in depth to identify the information that may be decisive for the procedure, then we collect all the necessary information to protect the interests of our clients.

The entire process is carried out taking into account the legal requirements, so that all the information obtained is valid in a legal process.

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Our services

Unfair competition

We obtain the necessary evidence to demonstrate that other companies in the sector or even your own employees are engaging in unfair competition. All this always from the strictest legality.

Location of people

If you want to find the whereabouts of a person who has suddenly disappeared, or simply refuse to attend a court appointment, we can provide you with the necessary information to locate them.

Feigned casualties

Faced with a possible suspicion that your employee is faking a leave, you can put the case in our hands. We will collect all pertinent information to demonstrate whether you are committing legal fraud.


If you want to show that one of the members of the couple is not In your faculties to merit custody of your children, we will assist you in the process. We will provide you with the data required for this case.

Control of minors

It is very important to verify the activity carried out by a minor in his or her free time if it is suspected that they are engaging in misconduct. We act with complete confidentiality to solve all your doubts.


With total patience and discretion we can verify if there is infidelity in the couple. With infographic material, photographic material and specific surveillance, we will confirm if the suspicion is a reality.


Where are we?

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Any doubts?

Of course it is legal to hire a private detective. Although for this there must be a legitimate interest and the investigation must be carried out by a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior without the violation of fundamental rights. All the detectives of Detectives 360º have this authorization.

A private detective can investigate all kinds of private facts, as long as there is a legitimate interest and in any case, he can NOT investigate public crimes, crimes prosecutable ex officio.

On the other hand, it is totally illegal for a private detective to access messaging systems (WhatsApp, E-Mail) or third-party telephony, so this service is not carried out by Detectives 360º.

At the end of each investigation, the private detective provides the client with a report detailing the actions carried out and the evidence obtained. Said report can be presented as evidence before the Courts of Justice and be ratified by a private detective.
The validity of the report of a private detective before the Courts of Justice is full, as long as it is a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, so do not hesitate to demand the exhibition of the Professional Identity Card (TIP). All the detectives of Detectives 360º are legally authorized.