Private Eyes for companies

The young and highly prepared team of 360º Detectives will help your company resolve the different labor disputes that may arise in your day-to-day life. We are a private eyes for companies in Madrid, which also operates in any other point of the Spanish geography. Among our main virtues, patience and discretion stand out, in order to meet the established objective. All our work is consolidated in the personalized treatment and trust for the client. We work in all types of areas with complete confidentiality, whether due to commercial issues, suspicions of labor duplication, the need for surveillance in large stores, congresses, hotels or fairs and any other situation that requires information for the optimal operation of your company.

Much of the 360º Detectives activity takes place in the Community of Madrid and we move to other parts of the Spanish geography. In addition, we have an important network of collaborators distributed throughout the country.

Why hire us?


At Detectives 360º we have a young and highly qualified team. We always work with discretion and patience as fundamental pillars.


In all our work, confidentiality prevails. It is very important to us that each process is carried out neatly and thoroughly.


We cover every detail that may influence the investigation in full depth. We will collect all the information that is necessary to obtain the best result.

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Our services

Work duplicity

If you suspect that one of your employees is incurring duplicity, leave your case in our hands. We will collect the information necessary to prove it.

Pre-employment reports

Do you have questions before hiring a candidate for your company? Our job as detectives is to provide you with a pre-employment report that shows that everything argued by the candidate is true.

Quality control

Do you want to check that the commercial operation of your company is carried out optimally? With our work, we will detail each step that your employees follow when carrying out their work for clients.

Location of people

If a person has suddenly disappeared from your life, leaving debts or some type of pending responsibility, we can follow the track and find their whereabouts or contact.

Unfair competition

We demonstrate with data and from absolute legality, that your competition is applying unfair actions to tarnish the prestige of your business, and deceptive techniques to rise in your market.

Feigned casualties

If you suspect that a worker may be engaging in employment fraud, through a sham discharge, we can collect the information you need. You can avoid the continuation of such fraud by discovering its existence.


Where are we?

Central office in Madrid (Cuzco), Spain



650 34 15 38

Any doubts?

Of course it is legal to hire a private detective. Although for this there must be a legitimate interest and the investigation must be carried out by a professional legally authorized by the Home Office without the violation of fundamental rights. All the detectives of Detectives 360º have this authorization.

A private detective can investigate all kinds of private facts, as long as there is a legitimate interest and in any case he can NOT investigate public crimes, crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio.

On the other hand, it is totally illegal for a private detective to access messaging systems (WhatsApp, E-Mail) or third-party telephony, so this service is not carried out from Detectives 360º.

At the end of each investigation, the private detective provides the client with a report specifying the actions carried out and the evidence obtained. Said report can be presented as evidence before the Courts of Justice and be ratified by a private detective.
The validity of the report of a private detective before the Courts of Justice is full, as long as it is a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, so do not hesitate to demand the exhibition of the Professional Identity Card (TIP). All the detectives of Detectives 360º are legally authorized.

Areas where we offer our services