Private Eyes in Torrevieja

If you are looking for private eyes in Torrevieja, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

We offer all kinds of private detective services in Torrevieja, including among them or helping us in the development of our investigations, coverage, which we will use whenever necessary, using all kinds of characterizations, simulations or techniques for their success. The services that we carry out at the corporate level of detectives in Torrevieja, represent a large part of our work. We can deal with solvency or delinquency issues, violation of exclusivity clauses or patents and trademarks, among others. In the labor area, we also investigate absenteeism situations.

Best private investigators agency in Torrevieja

Looking for the best private investigators agency in Torrevieja, the experience of it can be essential when deciding on it. Experience is important in all types of jobs and sectors and is especially important in this. As an agency we have detectives in Torrevieja with different profiles and experiences, trying to employ in each investigation the professional who best suits it and who, under a series of starting criteria, can obtain the maximum and best possible results. The more difficult the matter, the greater the experience of the private detective in Torrevieja should be, taking into account certain nuances and details.


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When to go to a detective?

Depending on the type of client, such as the scope of the service, the reason why you can go to a private investigator in Torrevieja will vary. An example of services in the private sphere is the case of pensions, in which the ex-partner works in B, carrying out an undeclared work activity and pretending that she has no income. Thanks to our help, we can show that you are working, in order to set a pension amount appropriate to your possibilities or stop paying the excess money that is being paid unfairly.

Advantages and benefits of hiring detectives

There are many advantages and benefits of hiring detectives in Torrevieja. Many times, you seek to solve a problem and a private detective in Torrevieja can be key to this. In addition and above this, they allow resolution of conflicts that could appear strictly judicial, in an extra judicial way, saving money and time for our clients, by being able to negotiate with the opposing party in possession of a report, which contains the information and evidence that they can tip the balance to their side and that by glimpsing a clear judicial victory, pushes the opposing party to reach an agreement.

Why hire a Detective in Torrevieja

Hiring a detective in Torrevieja can be the fundamental tool for any parent who doubts the behaviors that his son may carry out when he leaves home.

They may have problems at school, a history of alcohol or even drug abuse and their parents want to ascertain the current reality or situation that occurs in their child's day-to-day life. It is not pleasant to discover certain things by a detective in Torrevieja, but it is less so not knowing it and not being able to carry out actions to redirect these behaviors and prevent them from leading to worse acts, such as criminal acts.

Particular issues: custodians, infidelities ...

When a person notices strange changes in their partner, such as suddenly spending more time on the mobile phone, putting a password when they did not have it before, hiding it, going to the bathroom to talk on the phone, grooming themselves more or worrying more about their physique, When it was not like that before, he talks about new friends from whom it is not clear where they have come from, among others, he can turn to a private detective in Torrevieja to find out what is happening and to be able to rule out or confirm his suspicions of a possible infidelity on the part of the detective in Torrevieja, for example.

Data collection for lawyers

Every good lawyer has a trusted private detective in Torrevieja, aware of the help he can give his clients thanks to the legal obtaining of evidence, which can greatly facilitate the judicial process and above all, leave with an advantage over the part contrary with the clear objective of winning the trial. There are times when it is not necessary to go so far and that thanks to the reports of private detectives in Torrevieja, favorable agreements can be reached for our clients with the opposite party.

Private eyes for companies

Private eyes for companies are very effective in their work. In positive economic times, companies suffer to a greater extent from work absenteeism. Thanks to the work of the detectives in Torrevieja, it is possible to combat and prevent, since the hunted employees end up serving as an example for others who are carrying out similar behaviors or who had it planned or decided. All this by detectives in Torrevieja from agencies registered in the National Private Security Registry, which guarantees that they are legally qualified private detectives in Torrevieja and that they work legally, avoiding any type of legal problem.

Mutual insurance companies and insurance claims

In the field of mutual insurance companies and insurance claims, private detectives in Torrevieja are one of the basic professionals. There may be cases of exaggeration of damages, others in which it is necessary to verify injuries or accidents and investigations of simulation of accidents. The goal does not change, it is about the detective in Torrevieja getting to the truth, to know what happened and under what conditions, to know if it corresponds to apply the insurance or mutual coverage and to what degree, since there may have been damage or injury, but less serious than that alleged by the insured.

Special services

Within the special services of private detectives in Torrevieja, there is the polygraph test. It can occur in a personal or professional sphere. In the personal sphere, it would be the example of a couple conflict, in which a past event is discussed, which could be an infidelity and in which the contracting person wants to know the truth. The information on the events is collected by detectives in Torrevieja, a questionnaire is carried out and the test is carried out, after which it is possible to get to know what happened and confirm or discard the suspicions.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Torrevieja? Prices

To find out how much does a private eye cost in Torrevieja? The most successful thing would be to call us or write us directly, proposing the specific investigation, to know what we are facing and to be able to establish a price, which depending on the case, can be more or less adjusted, since in many investigations many external factors remain outside within our reach and that until we begin to investigate, we do not know how fast, slow, easy or fast we can move forward, as well as if we need more or less resources to carry out the investigation successfully and with all the legal guarantees.

Request your budget!

You can request your budget from private detectives in Torrevieja electronically, either by phone or computer. It is a faster and more effective management than any personal meeting and will allow you to get a real idea of ​​what we can cost you for your specific matter and see if it compensates or interests you in those conditions or not. It could also be the case that due to ignorance he raised a matter with a detective in Torrevieja that was not viable from a legal point of view. If so, we will notify you and discuss the possibility of conducting your investigation legally.


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