Private Eyes in Torrelodones

If you are looking for private eyes in Torrelodones, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

Before starting a matter of private detectives in Torrelodones, we obtain all the possible information from our client, paying special importance to the concurrence of a legitimate interest. Without a duly justified legitimate interest, the detectives in Torrelodones will not be able to help you. With regard to the investigation, the more information we are provided about the investigation, especially the researched and the sites they frequent, the better. And it is necessary to be clear about the objectives of the investigation, being aware that we cannot influence the conduct or behaviors of the investigated and many other external factors.

Private investigators agency in Torrelodones

We work as a private investigators agency in Torrelodones, equipped with the latest technology available, which facilitates, helps and allows us to collect the evidence desired by our clients in a discreet and effective way and that, therefore, our audiovisual material reflected in our reports with full judicial validity, be of quality and leave no doubt about the truth behind some signs, suspicions or strange behaviour on the part of the person under investigation, whether in a personal, family or business issue. The most important piece of private detectives in Torrelodones can be our video cameras, which have a very long-distance zoom, are of high quality and have specific and necessary details, such as quick-start, so as not to lose detail of any action.


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Why do you need a private detective?

If you want to know the reality of a situation, you need a private detective in Torrelodones. Entrusting the surveillance or monitoring of a family member or friend is illegal and lacks all kinds of guarantees. We are highly specialized professionals and we work in a totally legal, impartial and objective way. Detectives assume an investment in all kinds of cases, sometimes quantifiable from a psychological point of view, being able to overcome, thanks to our help, a situation that caused uneasiness, stress or anxiety and sometimes from an economic and objective point of view, such as in the labor area by dismissing a worker without compensation based on our report, showing that the worker was making a sham leave, as an example.

How can we help you?

Detectives in Torrelodones can help you with practically anything. At a particular level, a typical issue is the fidelity of the current partner. You may find yourself in a situation in which suspicions, signs, information or behaviors come together, leading you to think that your partner is unfaithful to you. In the vast majority of cases, we investigate these detective matters in Torrelodones through surveillance and monitoring, which will allow us to know if they are lying and what is behind their strange behaviors. It could happen, that even if an infidelity is suspected, what is hidden behind is another issue, such as drugs, alcoholism or gambling, for example.

Best private eyes in Torrelodones

In order to be the best private eyes in Torrelodones, we offer investigation solutions in the personal and professional sphere. In the personal sphere, we could find cases of complicated divorces, problems with children or relationship problems, and in the professional sphere, employee termination issues, fraud in the company or cases of unfair competition, among others. These are some reasons to hire detectives in Torrelodones, but the casuistry that we can cover is much greater, there being cases in which several assumptions and several investigation methods are combined.

For families and individuals

We work regularly as detectives for families and individuals through lawyers, that is, the former go to the latter for a problem and the latter recommend that they come to us in order to obtain information and evidence that will allow them to win in court. An example would be the case in which it is wanted to demonstrate the coexistence of the ex-partner with a third party in the family home by private detectives in Torrelodones, which would end with the use of the family home or with a reduction or termination of the payment of A Hostel.

Are you a lawyer and need our services?

If you are a lawyer and you have reached this page, it is because you are probably interested in the help of private detectives in Torrelodones to obtain information and evidence of facts that affect one of your clients and that have not been able to be accredited for now on the road, judicial or whose demonstration without our help is practically impossible or you simply want to save time and money by coming to us before you start. Detective reports in Torrelodones are totally valid in court and we pay attention to all kinds of principles and rights, so that the opposing party cannot undermine any type of validity or credibility, working objectively, impartially and professionally.

We support your company

We work regularly for all types of companies, whether large or small. We carry out all kinds of private detective services in Torrelodones, the investigation of false casualties being one of our most demanded services, since on many occasions the employer has one or more employees on leave, depending on the size of the company and is not It is rare the occasion in which you have suspicions or indications on the part of the employee himself, his environment, coincidences or colleagues of this, that the leave from work may be false or exaggerated. Thanks to detectives in Torrelodones we get to the bottom of the matter, being able to confirm or discard their suspicions.

Interpretation of damages in mutuals insurance companies and insurance

Mutual insurance companies and insurance companies repeatedly resort to private detectives in Torrelodones. One of the reasons or reasons for this are the cases in which there is an exaggeration of damages, that is, an insured person suffers an accident and with or without premeditation exaggerates damages to obtain compensation higher than that which should correspond to him. This type of fraud occurs regularly in accidents on board vehicles. Legally authorized private detectives in Torrelodones can obtain information and evidence to uncover or rule out the alleged fraud.

Special services of Detectives 360º

One of the special services that we offer for private detectives in Torrelodones is the installation of hidden cameras. This must be done under a series of principles and criteria, so as not to produce any type of violation of rights, which could affect the validity of the test. In most cases, the difficulty of a test does not lie in obtaining it by detectives in Torrelodones, but in obtaining it legally. We have a license from the Ministry of the Interior and we are registered in the National Private Security Registry.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Torrelodones? Prices

How much does a private eye cost in Torrelodones? Prices depend on many factors. We must know if the investigation is in Spain, its location and the type of information or evidence that is of interest. Depending on what we want to know, we will make one or another approach. If we want to investigate a person and it is necessary to carry out surveillance and follow-ups, their address will influence the price, since it may be the case that we do not know it and we must locate it first, which increases the price or it may also be the case that have exits through different streets, which again requires more detectives in Torrelodones and therefore more resources.

Request your budget!

Request your budget for free and without any commitment to private detectives in Torrelodones. You can do it in different ways, by phone: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, a lifetime call or by email. You must provide the maximum information available to detectives in Torrelodones, in order to present your case in the most accurate way possible. You must not forget that we work confidentially, so you should not worry when providing certain information, which surely if it is not for you we can obtain by other means and, at the latest, we will surely know about them throughout the investigation.


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