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One of the most important factors in all types of private detective investigations in Talavera de la Reina, is the area in which an investigation takes place. An urban area is not the same as a rural area or an industrial area, for example. Each one has its specific characteristics, there are even differences within each category, and there may be two rural areas that are totally different from each other and that undoubtedly determine the difficulty of the matter and the number of means necessary to use. Likewise, if it is a conflictive area in which there is drug trafficking, as an example, in addition to being aware of not being detected by the investigated party, a much greater effort must be made to avoid drawing excessive attention from any inhabitant of the city area, which could be aware of any police presence, for example and that could confuse us with it, which would frustrate our investigation.

Private investigators agency in Talavera

As a private investigators agency in Talavera, all the private eyes we work with are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, specifically by the General Directorate of Police, they have their Professional Identity card and their National Security Registry number Private, therefore, respecting a series of principles and basic issues, our work is completely legal, carried out by duly trained and authorized professionals and translated into an excellent service. We carry out our investigations, during which we can obtain photographs and videos, among others, and we capture all audiovisual material in a report that has full judicial validity, so it can be used as evidence in a trial.


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What are the benefits of hiring a detective?

Surely you are clear about the benefits of hiring a detective if you have come to this website, in order to find out, request your budget or even hire a detective directly. Although you may only need a specific photograph, the detective can make it much easier for you, preparing a complete and detailed investigation report, with all the actions observed and carried out, so that you can answer any doubts about a certain situation and confirm or discard your indications or suspicions.

When to request their services?

If you want to carry out an investigation and you have a legitimate interest to do so, for example you want to investigate your child for questionable behaviour or your partner for loyalty reasons or your employee for suspected fraud, you can hire us at any time, taking into account that it is necessary sign a contract, provide a document that demonstrates the relationship and legitimizes the assignment, provide all possible and available information on the person under investigation and provide a provision of funds whose amount varies depending on the matter to be investigated.

Best private eyes in Talavera de la Reina

In order to be the best private eyes in Talavera de la Reina, we have the most advanced technology, we prepare exhaustive and complete reports on our investigations, which have full judicial validity and we have as fundamental values ​​trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment. We are hired by all kinds of clients, we report periodically on the progress of the investigations and we offer national and international coverage. We offer a highly specialized and, above all, quality service, being aware of the delicacy and importance of the matters we investigate.

Investigations for families and individuals

Investigations for families and individuals are usually recommended by a lawyer. It is possible that before going to a detective, the family or individual had not raised it due to mere ignorance, but that they had decided to do so due to the indications of their lawyer, who on many occasions may turn out to be one of the professionals outside the profession of private detectives, who knows us better. Therefore, you are aware of the usefulness of our investigation reports, which can be the fundamental proof to win a judicial process in a totally legal way and with all possible guarantees regarding their legality.

Mutual insurance companies services

The purpose of the services for mutual insurance companies is to avoid situations of fraud and abuse, observing the daily activity of an investigated person, to find out if they meet the necessary conditions for certain mutual benefits to be recognized or maintained. The carrying out of a work activity and any act or conduct contrary to the limitations presented or any that may indicate a simulation of the same would play against the investigated person. We collect these facts in reports with full judicial validity and we assist and ratify in the courts.

Private eyes for companies

Private eyes for companies help reduce fraud within companies by working confidentially. They can observe the life of a worker for whom there are signs or suspicions of fraud and present a written report and document with the results of the investigation, as well as attend and ratify it in court. Information is obtained from the company in order to identify the investigated worker, a follow-up is carried out, a report is provided and it is ratified in court if necessary.

Investigations for lawyers

Investigations for lawyers are basically to help their clients. The more information is obtained by the private eyes, the better the lawyers can prepare the cases, knowing that it is objective, truthful and impartial information. The corresponding lawyer may want to prove one thing or the other and on many occasions it may be practically impossible to prove without the help of a private detective, who thanks to his good knowledge and his highly professional and specialized team, can work offering the best possible service.

Special services

As an agency we have private eyes of all profiles, being able to operate in all types of environments. For some jobs an older detective will be preferable, for others a younger detective, as well as for some a male detective and for others a female detective. We seek to personalize all types of investigations to the maximum and we can carry out all those that have special peculiarities, as well as unusual or infrequent investigations, which are what we could consider as special investigations.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Talavera?

If you want to find out about how much does a private eye cost in Talavera de la Reina? The best thing is that you contact us, since no two jobs are the same and we must adapt our services to each one, always seeking to establish tight budgets. As an example, the usual thing is to bill the surveillance by hours, varying the price depending on the days and hours that we have to use, as well as the number of detectives. The reports that are going to be provided in court usually end up being a little more expensive than internal investigations, since it is necessary to establish reiteration issues on the part of the investigated, among others.

Request your budget!

When you decide to request your budget, whatever the way you do it, it is important that you provide us with as many details as possible, the information and evidence you want or need. The greater the number of details, the greater the possibility that we can get the most accurate idea possible regarding the operation necessary to carry out the investigation and, therefore, be able to provide a budget adjusted to your case, which is free and without obligation and that later you will be able to decide whether to accept or not.


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