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The private detectives Spain, are obliged to keep rigorous secrecy about all the information obtained in the development of our work, this obligation of confidentiality being regulated by law and regulation. We are members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, the result of the union of smaller associations and whose objective is to defend the profession and detectives in Spain. Also from the College of Private Detectives of Catalonia, the first College of Detectives in Spain and the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community.

Private investigators agency in Spain

We offer private investigators agency services in Spain, assigning to each investigation all possible means that lead to its success. For this, it is especially important that clients provide all the information available to private detectives in Spain for the case, normally having more information on personal or family matters, due to the type of relationship they may have with the investigated person, unlike what can happen in commercial, economic or business relationships, where the type of relationship with the investigated person may be more distant and therefore not know certain details of his life, that however if he knows a husband with respect to his wife, a woman regarding your child, etc.


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Why do you need a private detective?

There are countless reasons why you may need a private detective in Spain. Two fundamental aspects are obtaining information and evidence regarding a specific situation, which allows you to get to the truth of certain behaviours, indications or suspicions and also that the format of this information and evidence is from a detective report in Spain by written, which also includes the photographs and videos taken during the investigation and which is fully valid in court, which in many cases can be fundamental evidence that makes the case win in court.

How can we help you?

As private detectives in Spain we can help you in all kinds of situations and services. If, for example, you are interested in hiring a person for a position of special relevance in your company or organization and you have one or more candidates who meet the profile, but who are suspicious of certain aspects of their resumes, with our help you can rule out those who are falsifying information and stay with those who are not. On the other hand and as another case, you may be interested in verifying the solvency of a client or supplier by detectives in Spain, before or after hiring or being hired for a certain good, service or product, in order to avoid unwanted situations, such as fraud or defaults.

Best private eyes in Spain

We can become the best private eyes in Spain, offering all kinds of services, for all kinds of clients, whether individuals or companies and in all Spanish cities, also working internationally if required. As private detective in Spain we offer trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment as fundamental values ​​and we make adjusted budgets for each investigation, there are many factors that influence the investigation from an economic and effectiveness point of view and having to carry out more extensive investigations when the information and evidence has a judicial purpose, to demonstrate that the behaviours observed are repeated and prolonged in time and not isolated cases.

Particular issues: custodians, infidelities ...

At a family and private level, as detectives in Spain we investigate the behaviour of minor children when they are alone or with their friends away from home, in order to know their behaviour, infidelities by one of the two spouses, usually preceded by a series of changes or strange behaviours or suspicions of gambling, addictions or alcoholism by any member of the family, in order to subsequently be able to carry out the necessary actions to be able to solve it and that it does not end up assuming a family drama.

Are you a lawyer and need our services?

As a lawyer, you may need our services as an individual, as an entrepreneur or as an intermediary, that is, for your clients. The usual thing is that our relationship with lawyers refers to their clients, requesting information and evidence for them, since going to a trial with a private detective report in Spain can be key and fundamental to winning it. There are easy cases to win with the help of a private detective's report in Spain. These same cases, without the support of a private detective in Spain, could be difficult or even impossible to win, as it is not possible to clearly prove a certain situation.

We support your company

Your company can be involved in all kinds of issues internally and externally. You may have problems with customers, partners, suppliers or employees and have the need for information or evidence, regarding the solvency of any of these, job performance, the veracity of injuries or not, or need to locate any of the above with in order to serve a court, for example. For any of these exemplary services, as well as others of another nature, you can count on the help of legally qualified private detectives in Spain, which can be a great investment of time and money.

Interpretation of damages in mutuals insurance companies and insurance

That mutual insurance companies and insurance companies hire detectives in Spain is a fact widely known by society in general. Part of that knowledge has come to hinder the investigations of private detectives in Spain, when encountering people who were already waiting for the arrival of a private detective in Spain. In these areas, there are many steps we can take. On the one hand, there will be procedures related to the existence or not of an accident or the circumstances in which it has occurred, to see if they agree with those manifested by the injured person or not and, on the other, there are another series of procedures aimed at discovering if the injury suffered by the injured person is real or not and if it is in accordance with what has been stated, finding numerous cases of exaggerations.

Special services of Detectives 360º

The special services of Detectives 360º, private detectives in Spain, are extensive and numerous. An example would be the case of a person who suspects that someone may have installed a hidden camera or microphone in their home or business. Given this, it is possible to perform an electronic scan in order to detect or discard it. This type of service can be carried out in a preventive way or in the event of certain suspicions. For this, expert personnel and highly specialized and expensive equipment are used, not available to everyone, which works in favour of the effectiveness and professionalism offered.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Spain? Prices

The question, how much does a private eye cost in Spain? It is one of the most frequent by our clients. The range of services that we offer and that they demand of us is very varied and the prices of each other change. In addition, even in the case of several services of the same subject, for example surveillance or monitoring or location of people, some of them have different prices, since some can be solved in just a few hours and others may need several days. What we recommend is that you contact us to make a budget adjusted to your case.

Request your budget!

From here we encourage you to request your budget from private detectives in Spain, since although many investigations have a common basis, the budgets vary depending on the specific details of your case. The information you have about the investigated person is important, since the more information we have, the better, and the profile of the investigated person also matters, from different points of view, either from the routine or lack of it that you have on a daily basis, as well as the means that it has, making it difficult to investigate less routine and more means.


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