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If you are looking for a detective agency in Segovia, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Segovia, the rest of Spain and also internationally, mastering English and German.

Private eyes in Segovia are in possession of their Professional Identity Card, being legally authorized by the Home Office, so that the work carried out together with other aspects and issues, are carried out scrupulously respecting the current regulatory framework. Your problem, matter or need for evidence or information is in good hands with detectives in Segovia, having to formalize the order with a contract, providing all the data to carry out the investigation, providing a document that demonstrates the relationship you have with the person investigated and that legitimizes the order and providing a provision of funds whose amount varies according to the estimate we make.

The best private investigator agency in Segovia

We carry out detective and investigative agency services in Segovia at a private and business level. The services provided for the different areas are varied and pursue different but also common purposes. In some cases, the information and evidence obtained by detectives in Segovia may have a judicial purpose, in others they are simply for internal use and it is possible that the client will never reveal them to the person under investigation, but thanks to the knowledge obtained, they may be more calm or make the necessary decision with greater confidence. If our reports are used as evidence in court, we go in person to ratify them, making clear to your honor, the events that occurred.


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Private eyes in Segovia, why do you need us?

A private detective is a professional who has chosen this profession as a professional outlet and who is mainly dedicated to investigating all kinds of situations with the aim of obtaining information and evidence for the people or companies that hire him. Not everyone has a clear and current vision of this professional figure, since it is still relatively unknown and his image has been altered by the cinema, presenting on many occasions characters that have nothing to do with the figure of private eyes in Segovia.

When to hire a private detective?

If you are wondering when to hire a private investigator? Chances are good that you already need it. The only way to know if you really need detectives in Segovia and above all, if the legal requirements to be able to hire you meet, is to ask us.

In many cases, the available budget is decisive to decide whether to hire one or not, since the hiring need is conditioned by the client's available resources at all times and of course the information and tests that he needs, as well as the difficulty of the investigation.

Our services

As private eyes in Segovia, we can help you in the vast majority of possible services. Whether it is work or family or commercial or marital services, we can provide the service.

Many of these services have a common or fundamental basis of surveillance, but there are many others in which they are not even necessary or have a totally different operation, for example those that are documentary or computerized.

We have detectives in Segovia who are specialists in all types of areas in order to obtain the best possible result in each case.

By phone or by email we can provide you with a lot of information about the vast majority of services, so do not hesitate to contact us and in case it is a very specific matter, once all the data and information available have been collected, we will inform you as soon as possible .

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. Maximum confidentiality with our clients resides in our performance, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custody, improving the minor's situation. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

Private eyes in Segovia: prices and rates

For clients who are looking for private eyes in Segovia, they are interested in their prices and rates, since on many occasions they have not had the opportunity or need to contact detectives in Segovia and therefore do not know what they can cost. The type of service to be carried out is a first criterion to establish a fee.

Along with this criterion, others are used, it also depends on the habitual or exceptional nature of the request. On many occasions we will be able to advance a budget at the moment, if we are contacted by phone for example and in cases of which a specialist of the office deals, we will collect all the information and data available before entering into economic questions.

What determines the price of a private eye?

To determine the price of a private detective in Segovia, the first thing we need to know is the type of investigation that you want to carry out and the purpose of it. It is not the same to want to know specific information for internal use, than to want to demonstrate a great irregularity in order to initiate a judicial procedure and in which there are many involved. In this example we can already see that an investigation with a judicial purpose is more expensive than one whose report is not submitted in court and has to be ratified, since the time that a detective spends in attending court, is time that stop allocating to other matters. But of course there are many other factors, such as the procedure of each investigation, that is, whether it is surveillance or it is necessary to carry out a documentary or registry task or if it is necessary to create some type of coverage ... The geographical location of the subject, time and profile of the investigated, are also other key factors in determining the price. We try to determine a specific and personalized price in each case.

Frequently asked questions about the detective service

A detective in Segovia can investigate all kinds of private events, included in the price of a private detective, as long as there is a legitimate interest and in any case they can NOT investigate public crimes, crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio. On the other hand, it is totally illegal that a private detective accesses messaging systems (WhatsApp, E-Mail) or third-party telephony, so this service is not carried out from Detectives 360º. In addition, these types of acts are not necessary to carry out certain inquiries, so we can offer legal alternatives.
Always demand that the private detective show his Professional Identity Card (TIP). He must carry it with him in the performance of his work. All the private detectives of Detectives 360º are legally authorized by the Home Office, so they work legally and the report they make has full judicial validity, that is, in court.
At the end of each investigation, the private detective in Segovia provides the client with a report detailing the actions carried out and the evidence obtained. Said report can be presented as evidence before the Courts of Justice, it is evidence with full judicial validity, that is, in court and must be ratified by the private detective.


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