Private Eyes in Parla

If you are looking for private eyes in Parla, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Parla, the rest of Spain and also internationally, mastering English and German.

Only our private detectives in Parla, protected by the Private Security Law, can offer tests, solutions and all guarantees when it comes to knowing what happens, where it happens, to whom it happens and why it happens. Our job as duly accredited private eyes in Parla is not to attract attention. We find cases of parents who come to us to follow the movement of their children. Hiring us saves companies thousands of euros, avoiding compromised, unloyal or fraudulent moments. Today, the fingerprint is of great importance and helps in our investigations. It can be a lonely profession, spending entire days waiting for the person under investigation to come out.

Investigators and private detectives agency in Parla

We work as a detective agency in Parla, throughout Madrid and nationwide. We have and offer qualified private detectives in Parla, so we offer a service with guarantees and fully legal. The day or time of an investigation is not a problem, we adapt to all kinds of situations and environments. All in order to obtain the greatest possible evidence and information and in the most effective way, but at the same time discreet as possible. Parla, as a Spanish municipality and town in the Community of Madrid, is within our scope of action.


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Why hire a private eye?

Needing evidence for a judicial process would be reason enough to hire a private eye in Parla. Once hired, after having been contacted, chosen and having formalized the assignment, the private detective in Parla takes all the appropriate steps in order to arrive at the much-desired evidence, presented in report format, collecting the audiovisual material made during the investigation and that it has full judicial validity, taking into account that it must be ratified by the professional. In many processes it is the key piece for the client to win the same.

How can we help?

We can help you by private detectives in Parla to collect and obtain valid and legal evidence for a judicial process, since we are legally authorized, there is a legitimate interest and you entrust us with a matter in the signing of a contract. Therefore, the evidence we obtain can be used in court, as documented witness evidence, having more validity than that of a normal witness, being an impartial and accredited professional and supporting their statements in images and videos, which confirms our version . That is why attorneys routinely turn to us to obtain information and evidence for their clients and thus win lawsuits.

Best private eyes in Parla

To be the best private eyes in Parla, we have specialists and experts in certain matters and we always try to reach the solution as quickly as possible, but without affecting or belittling the quality of our work, on which we place a lot of emphasis, being interested in quality and not quantity and in high private investigation. Our maximum claim is to help our clients, providing solutions with the help of the best professionals and the best technical team available at all times. We also offer special services from the hand of experts.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

For individuals and families

We have experience of private detectives in Parla in carrying out services for individuals and families. Contact us to investigate infidelities, modification of children's pensions, family tracing, alcoholism, drugs or gambling, sects or urban leases. Ideally, if you want to hire us to obtain information and evidence for a judicial process, it is that you notify your lawyer of your intention to do so, even contacting him to coordinate the legal strategy and that in any case be aware of the deadlines, times and forms of presentation of our evidence.

Hand in hand with the legal profession

In unfair competition matters, private eyes in Parla can be instrumental to the attorneys on the case and work hand-in-hand with the legal profession. Thanks to their information and evidence, they can facilitate an agreement between the parties involved or a judicial decision towards their client, in the event that a trial is reached, voluntarily or involuntarily and always obtaining the best possible result. In other commercial issues, such as cases of lifting of assets or lifting of the veil, we can also help, as well as when locating one or more debtors to be able to make the pertinent judicial claim.

What your company needs

At the business level, regularly resorting to the services of private detectives in Parla, may be the best decision of the employer, since companies need private detectives in Parla. Thanks to our information, you can always make the best possible decision in each case. We can research your partners, customers or suppliers, help you avoid losses and consequently help increase business. The information or evidence that we obtain may or may not be used in a judicial process, depending on what is of interest or convenience at all times. This last aspect is valid for business investigations, as well as for private or personal ones.

Against cheating in mutuals and insurance

Investigations by private eyes in Parla for mutual and insurance, in case of uncovering fraudulent cases, can lead to different assumptions for the fraudster, such as the loss of the insurance policy, compensation and could even lead to criminal liability. We are of great help to mitigate fraud in these sectors, being hired on a regular basis by mutuals and insurance companies throughout Spain and for different areas, car fraud playing a very important part of our cases, having experts in this matter and who have the function of arriving at the best possible result.

Discover our special services

The recovery of digital data or forensic investigations, would be one of our special services of private detectives in Parla, provided by computer experts, who evaluate each matter from all kinds of perspectives, learning about the model, brand and software of the device to be treated, either a computer or a mobile phone, as an example, and thus allows to know the viability of the matter, the possibilities of success and make a tight budget. An investigation in which a service of this type is required, can begin and end with it or it can be carried out as an accessory or complementary to other more traditional research avenues.

Prices and Rates of our private eyes in Parla

The first step to find out about our prices and rates of our private eyes in Parla, about your specific case, is to contact us. All cases are different and have their peculiarities, despite having a common basis with many of our other investigations. The difficulty of the investigation influences the amount of time and resources to be used, making it more expensive. On the contrary, the less complex an investigation is, the less time and resources are required, being more effective and economical. Our estimates are offered free of charge and without any kind of commitment, so do not hesitate to tell us your case and obtain yours, in order to see if it interests you or compensates or not.

Request your budget!

If you want to know more information about our services, request your budget. Thanks to it, you can see whether or not you are really interested in hiring a private detective in Parla. Private eyes in Parla save their clients time and money, although there are certain situations that are more difficult to quantify economically, having a great emotional charge and dealing more with emotional problems, although many other times they revolve around economic areas. Our budget is free, it is provided electronically and it is provided without any kind of commitment. Contact us by phone or by e-mail.


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