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If you are looking for private eyes in Orihuela, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

Whenever possible, because the client can afford it or wants to allocate resources, it is better to hire two private detectives in Orihuela, over one, since the results obtained are usually greater and better and it is a guarantee plus when it comes to addressing any risk or setback, varying the actions of each one in each type of service, such as wheeled follow-ups, follow-ups on foot or surveillance. In the case of homes with numerous exits, this cannot be controlled by a single detective in Orihuela.

Private investigators agency in Orihuela

We provide coverage of private investigators agency in Orihuela, dedicating ourselves solely and exclusively to the work of private detectives in Orihuela and therefore offering a highly specialized and quality service. Despite offering all kinds of services for all types of clients, we treat all matters individually, with the profile of the investigated playing a fundamental role in all types of matters. It is not the same if you move on foot, scooter, bicycle, motorcycle or car, as if you move on public transport, for example. Likewise, the assiduity with which you are carrying out the acts that we want to expand information on will have a direct impact on the duration of the investigation, linked to economic and effectiveness issues.


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Why do you need a private detective?

There are many reasons for needing a private investigator in Orihuela. In the family environment, you can suspect the fidelity of the couple, want to expand information on the strange behaviours of the children or be immersed in a judicial dispute over the custody of the children, so a private detective in Orihuela can be of vital help. In the workplace, issues related to absenteeism, false absences or issues of unfair competition take on special importance. For insurers, we are another fundamental piece to prove the fraud that is committed with respect to them. And as for other types of more specialized investigations, such as economic and / or property reports and computer forensic matters, we have the collaboration of expert personnel in each case.

How can we help you?

We can help you in all kinds of situations, as long as they comply with current legislation and a series of fundamental principles are respected. If you have a child who behaves strangely, has unwanted or unknown friends and whom you suspect may be engaging in bad acts or behaviours, you can hire us to find out what he is doing, what he is not doing, or who he is going with or who he is not going with. Thanks to the work of detectives in Orihuela you can rule out the problem or identify it and take the necessary measures and precautions to solve it. Whether it is your son or your partner, what has been said would also be useful in matters of addictions, gambling or sects.

Best private eyes in Orihuela

To be the best private eyes in Orihuela, we work with the utmost seriousness, in all types of cases, whether they have a surveillance base or otherwise. We do it in possession of our authorization from the Home Office, in a totally confidential way and treating our cases individually, being aware that each case has a series of details that differentiate it from others on the same subject. We offer our services at a national and international level, thanks to our trusted collaborating agencies or to the trips of our own detectives to Orihuela.

For families and individuals

In the sphere of families and individuals, detective investigations in Orihuela play an important role with the aim of producing a modification of measures through the courts, which for example may be the case of one of the now ex-spouses, who works clandestinely and without declaring income, so as not to have to pay the part of the pension that corresponds to him or to improperly receive an amount that should not correspond to him based on the work activity he performs and the income he receives for it.

Are you a lawyer and need our services?

We collaborate with numerous lawyers who require our services for their clients. In the civil sphere, the detectives in Orihuela can be fundamental in custody or pension cases, as an example and, in the labor sphere, one of the most demanded services is the one related to false leave, saving thousands of euros to the companies, if fraud is confirmed in them. We are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and the reports of detectives in Orihuela are fully valid in court, so they can be used as evidence with all legal guarantees.

We support your company

Companies are one of the regular clients of detectives in Orihuela and we can investigate issues related to the company's brand, matters of unfair competition, fraud in general, false dismissals, control of representatives and carry out economic and patrimonial reports prior to any business or subsequent to the same in order to demand responsibilities, as a debt claim. We offer qualified and authorized personnel and reports with full judicial validity, so we offer the guarantees required for the type of work we do.

Interpretation of damages in mutuals insurance companies and insurance

Mutuals insurance companies and insurance companies are one of the regular clients of private detectives in Orihuela. There are many services in this area, one of the most common being the control of injuries, that is, when a person is involved in an accident and manifests certain injuries, which in some cases can be very subjective from a medical point of view, It is verified through different methods such as surveillance and monitoring, if you really suffer such damage, observing your behavior and daily habits, which allow obtaining current, reliable and objective information from detectives in Orihuela.

Special services of Detectives 360º

We offer all kinds of special services. One of those that detectives are consulted on a regular basis in Orihuela is the polygraph test. It is carried out by expert personnel, who first request all the information and details of the matter of which you want to know the truth. Based on the information provided, a questionnaire is made, with more and less important questions. The detective test in Orihuela can be carried out in different environments, a report can be made at the end and, in some cases, the expert already knows at the end of the test whether the person is telling the truth or not.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Orihuela? Prices

If, after having reached this web page and having read this and possibly other pages, you have the question of How much does a private eye cost in Orihuela?, The easy answer in terms of prices would be “it depends”. The main factor would be to know the problem to be investigated, in order to know which operation we should use. Depending on the operation, it is based on certain prices, as well as the number of detectives in Orihuela that must be employed, always starting with at least one detective in Orihuela and always being recommended two, in cases where two are necessary to be able to carry carry out an investigation with guarantees.

Request your budget!

The title already says it clearly: request your budget! We offer estimates for free and without any kind of commitment. It is important to ask detectives in Orihuela to see if you are finally interested in our services or on the contrary, you had other types of expectations. Depending on the matter, the detective services in Orihuela can be more or less profitable, as well as the way in which they are profitable, and can sometimes be quantified from an economic point of view, such as the compensation that a businessman saves at the time of not paying undue compensation thanks to our report or is sometimes quantified from a psychological point of view, providing peace and tranquility to a client who can rule out or confirm suspicions.


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