Private Eyes in Majadahonda

If you are looking for private eyes in Majadahonda, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Majadahonda, the rest of Spain and also internationally, mastering English and German.

The day-to-day life of our private detectives in Majadahonda and close collaboration with the courts of justice and other official bodies, make us a unique, demanding and modern profession, for which three years of university studies are required. It consists, among others, of being one more and going unnoticed. We try to find out the truth by seeing and hearing and make a report of it. We are few private eyes in Majadahonda and we can help you to know what your child does for fun, for example. The surveillance that we set up may last minutes, hours or it may be that the investigated person does not leave their home, work center or the control site throughout the day. We also find cases of very similar people, so we have to pay close attention to make a correct identification.

The best private investigators and detectives agency in Majadahonda

As the best investigative and detective agency in Majadahonda, we attach great importance to the value of trust, as it is essential in this sector. We inform ourselves well before conducting an investigation and if it is not possible from a legal point of view or with the resources available to the client, we say so. Likewise, if we are hired to be one day at an hour at a certain site, we are taking images and videos of the place that in any case can demonstrate our presence and if at any time something extraordinary or exceptional happens during our investigation, whether it plays for or against our service, we inform our client. We always try to make the best possible proposal and approach and we usually recommend one or more possible solutions, over others, although of course, we allow the client to make the last decision.


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Why hire a private eye?

One of the main reasons for hiring a private eye in Majadahonda is the existence of a problem. The private detective in Majadahonda is used to dealing with all kinds of problems, raised day by day by his clients. Some are easier to solve than others and others may even be impossible to solve, due to lack of time, for example, in the face of an imminent trial, or due to the lack of resources that a client can or wants to dedicate. The more difficult an investigation, the greater the resources that will have to be allocated to carry it out successfully.

How can we help?

We can help you anonymously and discreetly by our private detectives in Majadahonda. You do not have to be afraid when entrusting us with your data and information on the subject. The more information we have, the better. With more information, we can focus the investigation on certain days and hours, making it more effective and cheaper, by needing fewer days and fewer hours in case we do not have any information about the fact or person to be investigated and the period of time in which whatever it is that interests us or we are looking for could happen. When it comes to work, one of the main objectives is not to be detected and we are experts in discretion.

Best private eyes in Majadahonda

Our goal is to be the best private eyes in Majadahonda, using the latest technological advances and ratifying our reports in court, whenever necessary. We work throughout Spain, all kinds of services and above all, with the utmost discretion. We solve family and business cases, conducting a large number of investigations per year. We are efficient and honest, important and necessary qualities in this profession. Likewise, we periodically inform our clients about the advances in the investigation, involving them in it if they wish and whenever possible and timely.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

For individuals and families

Individuals and families are one of the most common clients of private investigators in Majadahonda, receiving inquiries on a daily basis. They are special services, which we address in a personalized way. We have experience in this type of matter and we remove doubts from our clients by discarding or confirming suspicions. The first step is to tell us about the problem. We do everything possible to obtain the evidence that is sought and that can be used in a judicial process. We deliver the evidence in a report format and it is often included in the investigation itself. Do not hesitate and ask us your question.

Hand in hand with the legal profession

Lawyers regularly resort to private eyes in Majadahonda, due to the advantage of obtaining valid evidence in court and in different practice areas, the detectives working hand in hand with the legal profession. This means greater agility when the client obtains solutions and can even save time, opening the evidence obtained by private detectives in Majadahonda to extrajudicial solutions, reached by the lawyer or the client himself, thanks to the negotiation weapons that They involve the reports of private detectives legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. As it cannot be otherwise, all our private detectives in Majadahonda have their respective licenses.

What your company needs

We have experience when it comes to helping companies, since companies need private eyes in Majadahonda. We are qualified and determined to obtain the information and evidence that your company needs. On a professional level, we are the only ones authorized by law to help you. We can work on issues of fraud, location of defaulters, false leave, absenteeism, unfair competition or quality control. But this is not all. These are just some examples of the multitude of services and tasks that we can offer, always offering the maximum possible guarantees and in search of the best possible result, always obtaining the greatest number of information or tests.

Against cheating in mutuals and insurance

There are different types of deception in mutual and insurance. The economic situation of society can play a decisive role in increasing or reducing this type of fraud. A very common fraud is the one that occurs in the automotive field, and we can find assumptions of simulation or exaggeration of damages. It is necessary to get to the truth and really know what has happened and under what circumstances. In this type of investigation by private eyes in Majadahonda, special operations that are different from the usual ones are usually used and they are usually carried out by personnel specifically trained for this, all with the aim of offering the best possible result.

Discover our special services

We offer all kinds of special private detective services in Majadahonda. An example of a special service would be the case of an electronic sweep, in which an individual or a company may be interested in carrying it out, suspecting a hidden microphone. For this we have specialized personnel, who are properly trained in this matter and who have highly professional and expensive equipment, which is not available to everyone and which guarantees excellent results. All in order to locate said microphone or rule out its presence. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Prices and Rates of our private eyes in Majadahonda

The prices and rates of our private eyes in Majadahonda are usually established according to the time to be used, that is, by hours and in the case of surveillance and monitoring. Displacements, if necessary, increase prices and rates. Keep in mind that expenses are charged separately and VAT must be applied. We charge a provision of funds to initiate an investigation and that can be paid by deposit or bank transfer, among others. However, we are aware that there are many more services beyond surveillance and monitoring and even in the case of these, prices and rates vary according to the number of private detectives in Majadahonda to be employed, for example.

Request your budget!

Do not hesitate, request your budget to private detectives in Majadahonda by phone or e-mail. We will advise you on your specific matter, we will inform you about our possibilities of action and help and of course, the budget for our help. Accepting it or not is up to you, but requesting and obtaining it is free and without any obligation. However, it is important if you have a budget or similar limitation, so that we can frame our research in it or inform you if it is not possible to help you with such a limitation. Our contact is confidential, don't be afraid and get your quote.


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