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If you are looking for private eyes in Las Rozas, Madrid, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

The cars of our private detectives in Las Rozas are discreet, common, powerful and we have them prepared with a series of characteristics, accessories or complements, so that they are perfect when carrying out our work. We adapt to all types of environments and we are provided with all types of communication means for the coordination of the detectives in Las Rozas in each operation. We have motorcycles to support investigators in monitoring, which in many cases is a clear advantage over a car. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the specific case, as well as its circumstances or peculiarities, to make the best possible approach. As in our cars, we focus on discreet, common and powerful motorcycles, apart from a number of our own modifications.

Private investigators agency in Las Rozas, Madrid

Today, it may be easier to get to the best private investigators agency in Las Rozas Madrid, using the opinions you can find from other users on your social networks, Google corporate file or any other directory in which you can advertise. However, it should not be used as the sole selection criterion, you have to contact the agency, present your case, see the treatment you receive, the approach they make and the budgeted price, to see whether or not it meets the client's expectations and see if you can and want to take on the investigation. There are many cases in which the work of the private detective in Las Rozas de Madrid can be a magnificent investment.


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When to go to a detective and investigative agency?

There are many reasons to go to an investigator or private detective in Las Rozas. In fact, if you've made it this far, you probably have one. The safe and definitive way to know if you have a lawful and valid reason that can support an investigation is to contact us directly and ask us with the maximum number of details and information possible, so that we can assess it from an operational feasibility point of view. , as well as for the realization of a tight budget, which can be obtained without any kind of commitment.

Advantages and benefits of hiring us

Hiring private detectives in Las Rozas has advantages and benefits in the short, medium and long term. At the business level, in the short term, it can end an injustice, in which a worker is deceiving the company, but in addition to this, it has a dissuasive effect with respect to other workers who could be carrying out similar deceptions or had raised it, being aware that the company takes measures that are satisfactory by resorting to legally authorized private detectives in Las Rozas, risking to risk their future employment, personal and property.

Why hire a Detective in Las Rozas de Madrid?

There are many reasons that can drive a person to hire a detective in Las Rozas de Madrid. One of the typical, best known and topic of the profession, would be those reasons in which a couple has problems and one of the members of the same, reaches a point in which, due to a series of suspicions or indications, doubts the fidelity of your partner and turn to us to clear up your doubts, to confirm or suspect your doubts and whether it is for better or for worse, to be able to move forward in your life thanks to our information and tests.

Particular issues: custodians, infidelities ...

In the private sphere, we offer, among others, infidelity and custodial services. In the first case, there is usually a certain distrust of one of the two members of the couple, whatever the type, that is, married or not, with respect to the other party. Many times this mistrust is preceded by a series of strange behaviors that raise a series of suspicions, as there is, among others, a change in habits or behavior, which sets off alarms.

Gathering Information for Attorneys

The private detectives for lawyers in Las Rozas work continuously collecting data for lawyers, at the request of these or their clients. The normal thing is that private detectives in Las Rozas make reports with full judicial validity for their clients that allow them to obtain information and evidence on a series of facts and that serve as evidence in a trial. Many times the difficult thing is not to obtain information, but to do it legally and that is where the private detective in Las Rozas comes in, who is legally accredited and has a specific regulatory framework.

Private eyes for companies

As private eyes for companies, we help in all kinds of labor disputes. A classic is that of the fake leave, where an employee simulates a leave or exaggerates it, receiving benefits that do not correspond to them and can be real nightmares for some companies. We collect information and evidence that confirm or rule out fraud and provide the legal tools to successfully combat them, respecting fundamental rights and protected by the Private Security law, being authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

Insurance and mutual insurance companies claims

Mutuals insurance companies and insurance companies turn to private detectives based on the high number of fraudulent claims they receive. In those that have evidence of fraud, an investigation is required to know the circumstances of the event, have the whole truth about it and find out to what extent they are responsible or not for certain damages or compensation. Mutuals and insurance companies save millions of euros a year thanks to the work of detectives, which in turn is a benefit for other policyholders, paying less in their installments due to the fraud avoided.

Special services

In our range of special services, there is that of computer forensics, which is demanded on a regular basis by clients. Requests that may be made to us in the field of computer science in general is to legally verify the content of a website, the authorship of the upload of a content to a website, steps to discover the intrusion in your Wi-Fi network, verification of a mobile puncture, obtain proof of the unauthorized access to a network, among others.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Las Rozas? Prices

The first thing many clients ask themselves before hiring us is how much does a private eye cost in Las Rozas? For all the cases and situations that may arise, it is difficult to standardize the final prices, in the sense that two issues of the same nature can be resolved in two totally different time spaces, for example based on the profile of the investigated, one being able to of the two perform the expected acts on a daily basis and the other occasionally, such as once a month, for which it will be necessary to allocate more days and hours.

Request your budget!

If you require any private detective service in Las Rozas, do not hesitate to request a free, no-obligation estimate. You may have seen the service you require throughout our website or it may be a different one. You should not forget that the services we list are exemplary, so do not hesitate to consult your need, so that we can assess it from an operational and legal feasibility point of view. We are legally authorized by the Home Office.


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