Private Eyes in Guadalajara

We have a physical office in Madrid and we work as private eyes in Guadalajara through trips and as a result of our collaboration agreements with the best agencies and private detective offices in Spain and the world.

We are associated and registered in the APDPE (Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain), of the Official College of Private Detectives of Catalonia and of the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community. At the end of our investigations, we issue a report that has full judicial or trial validity, which may be the key to its victory. We are focused on high private investigation, prioritizing quality over quantity. All our work is carried out based on trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment.

Private eyes in Guadalajara

As a private detective agency in Guadalajara, we are licensed by the Home Office, so our work is totally legal and above all, with guarantees. Hiring a non-qualified private detective in Guadalajara, I can suppose a double expense, on the one hand an ineffective and illegal investigation and on the other hand, sanctions that can be imposed. Make sure you hire someone legal. Our licenses are 10,962 for the office and 3,930 for the holder. We work all types of services, so we serve all types of clients, whether it is an individual, a lawyer, a company or a mutual or insurance company. In addition, our service is national, but also global, and we speak English and German.


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What is a private eye?

A private eye in Guadalajara is a professional who collects information and evidence for individuals and companies. Its main tools are your mobile phone, its vehicle and its video camera, helping itself with many more and whenever they are necessary. It includes in its investigations a report that collects all the behaviors and events observed and that constitutes legal evidence in the courts and tribunals of justice. It must have many qualities, among which patience stands out, since the "dead" time in an investigation is greater than that in which something happens, as a general rule, since there are all kinds of cases.

Outstanding services

Our most outstanding services, for being the most demanded, are the following:

For individuals, we are hired a lot to investigate possible or alleged infidelities on the part of their current partners. Unfortunately in many cases the suspicions are confirmed. We are also hired for the modification of pensions, either because the other couple has a hidden profit or lives with another person in the family home. And finally, in matters of custody, in order to know the care and attention that the child receives in common or we are also hired to locate old friends or even relatives with whom contact has been lost.

At the business level, we are hired to investigate all types of fraud, especially highlighting false dismissals, which can lead to cases of labor duplication or unfair competition. Likewise, if the current whereabouts of a debtor or defaulter are not known, with our help, we can get to know them.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Private eyes in Guadalajara: prices and rates

One of the fundamental factors when hiring us to know the prices and rates of private eyes in Guadalajara. In order to give the best possible service, it is impossible for us to give a clear and concise answer. The first thing is to know what type of service we are facing. If it is a service or a type of information that can be obtained through surveillance and monitoring, the usual thing is to bill this type of services by the hour, with a minimum of hours per day and service and taxes and expenses being separate. However, to budget for this service, it is also necessary to know the address or environment of the person under investigation, as well as the main setting of the investigation. It may take several detectives, some with motorcycles or a special vehicle. These kinds of considerations and factors add to the price. In many of the cases, which are not solved by means of surveillance or follow-up or exclusively by means of surveillance and follow-up, we request in advance all the specific data to know as best as possible the investigation to be carried out and to be able to carry out an approach as required. tighter and at the same time effective with respect to customer needs.


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