Private Eyes in Getafe

If you are looking for private eyes in Getafe, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Getafe, the rest of Spain and also internationally, mastering English and German.

There are solutions and evidence that only our private detectives in Getafe can provide. We work for companies, for the verification of executive resumes, on issues of delinquency and property lifting, as an example. Currently, in Spain there are about 5,000 private eye licenses in Getafe. We have vehicles equipped and prepared for our work and we are aware that any slight error can lead to the failure of an investigation. We have hidden cameras and we can wait countless hours for the expected to happen. Going unnoticed is the best we know how to do and that is why we adapt our clothing to each site or person to be investigated. We can demonstrate all kinds of hoaxes, using hidden cameras on all kinds of sites and formats.

Private investigators agency in Getafe

Detectives 360º can provide detective agency services in Getafe, paying great attention to the duty of confidentiality, since many clients share with us aspects of their lives that are not even known by their close friends or relatives and whose purpose is solely and exclusively the best research development, since the more information we have, the greater the chances of success. So you should not have doubts when telling us about your problem, we are professionals, we are used to dealing with all kinds of problems and all kinds of situations, so it is very likely that we have already heard a case equal to or similar to yours or possibly we have already done numerous investigations in this regard.


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Why hire a private eye?

Hiring a legally qualified private eye in Getafe, that is, in possession of your TIP (Professional Identity Card) is your guarantee that you are dealing with a true private investigation professional. Neither yourself or any family member or friend can replace you. A private detective in Getafe carries out legal work, protected by current regulations, with the Private Security Law and current data protection regulations being of special interest. Many judgments endorse our work and demonstrate its importance and effectiveness. Of course, our reports must be ratified by us.

How can we help?

There are many ways in which as private detectives in Getafe we ​​can help you. Many times, whether the matter to be investigated, whether it has a particular nature, or if it has a business nature, revolves around the economic sphere or has an economic significance. Our role in these cases is to save or make our client earn as much money as possible thanks to our information or evidence, provided that our hiring is legal and a series of principles, criteria or rights govern. In an ideal case, request our help at an appropriate time, that is, as far in advance as possible and even preventively, since the result of an investigation requested in time can vary greatly from one carried out at the worst possible time of a situation or behaviour, even if the person to investigate is on notice, which makes our task enormously difficult.

Best private eyes in Getafe

We do our best to be the best private eyes in Getafe. That is why we treat all our clients and investigations as unique, paying attention to the peculiarities and particularities of each matter, since although it has points in common with other matters of the same category or nature, we are always going to find differences, from the way of being or acting of the investigated person, of their economic possibilities or of resources and of the space or environment where the investigation is carried out, the center of a city not being the same as a remote area in the countryside.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

For individuals and families

For individuals or families, there are many services that we are required or that we offer as private detectives in Getafe. Any member of the family is liable to be investigated: children, parents, siblings, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren ... but as long as it is sufficiently justified and legitimized. In these matters we can ask for different types of documentation to demonstrate the relationship between the client and his family member. They can consist of a copy of the DNI, sharing the surnames or including the names also if it is the parents or a copy of the family book. Birth or death certificates have also been presented to us on other occasions, by way of example.

Hand in hand with the legal profession

When a client enters a judicial process, the ideal is that he is accompanied by his lawyer and his private detective in Getafe and that the latter work hand in hand with the legal profession. The specific issue, what is at stake and the resources that the client can or wants to allocate to have the best possible legal defense will influence this. The lawyers and private eyes in Getafe of the same client are usually in contact with the same consent, with the aim of carrying out the best possible defense or legal attack, enforcing the client's rights with all the maximum possible guarantees.

What your company needs

Companies need to surround themselves with a multitude of professionals to carry out their economic activity. It can be internal or external personnel and some may have more common functions than others. How could it be otherwise, companies also turn to private detectives in Getafe as external personnel. Some more frequently than others, influencing the number of workers and the volume of economic activity of said company. And in order to shed light on certain situations in which they need to draw on information or evidence to make the best possible decision or defend themselves or legally attack in the best possible way.

Against cheating in mutuals and insurance

Private investigators in Getafe fight against deception and fraud in general and specifically, we fight against deception in mutual and insurance companies, which hire us in cases of suspicion that a claim could have been caused or to reconstruct a traffic accident or to carry out a control of an injured person, verify sequelae or check the degree of disability of an insured after a medical discharge. Some investigations confirm the suspicions of fraud and others do not, since obviously there are also real accidents with real consequences that are not invented or exaggerated. If the situation is real, our investigation does not affect you at all, except from a positive point of view, since it reinforces your condition as a victim.

Discover our special services

At Detectives 360º we offer a 360º service of private detectives in Getafe. So whatever your need or service you need, it is very possible that we already offer it or that we can offer it to you. Many services have a common base and differ in specific issues and for those that are totally different from others, the so-called special services, we rely on experts, specialists and professionals in each subject, paying great importance to the quality of our service and seeking always the best possible result. We are interested in quality and not in quantity, so if we see that we cannot help you in a matter due to lack of resources for example, we would let you know.

Private eyes in Getafe: prices and rates

Do you want to know the prices and rates of our private eyes in Getafe? Contact Us. Tell us about your problem, provide us with all possible details, tell us if you are looking for the information or evidence for trial or not and depending on your specific need and the analysis and study of the case we do, we can inform you about our prices and rates. There are many peculiarities why we avoid putting prices here, since what you see may not fit your case, whether it is up or down. We can have two investigations on the same topic and one being twice as expensive as the other as an example, by the profile of the investigated, their home or area in which they move, the days and hours that are needed, etc.

Request your budget!

The title is clear: ask private detectives in Getafe for your budget! You can do it completely free of charge and without any kind of commitment. We receive many inquiries a day, we understand that many people are completely foreign to our sector, do not know it and do not know what it can cost, so we try to give a vision as complete as possible, offering transparency and trying to leave no doubts, everything free of charge and without obligation, as we have said before. Do not worry if you are only looking for information, we are going to give it to you and if you decide not to contract finally for whatever reason, absolutely nothing happens.


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