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If you are looking for private eyes in Elda, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

Surveillance is one of the frequent activities of our private detectives in Elda, as well as the taking of photographs and videos that we document in a report that serves as evidence in court. As long as there is a legitimate interest, we pay attention to the reserved spaces and stick to the purpose of the order, there is no type of legal problem. If we have to rely on the use of hidden cameras, we have this timely resource whenever necessary. Thanks to its small size, adaptation to an object, use or complement, Elda detectives obtain quality results.

Private investigators agency in Elda

As private investigators agency in Elda, trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment are our fundamental values. All three are of vital importance in the performance of our work, trying to convey to our clients the assurance that they hire a highly professional and specialized service, in which we will act in the best possible way at all times in order to reach In truth, the assurance that we are not going to reveal details or information of our investigations to third parties that have nothing to do with them and a personalized treatment without which our services would not make sense, since although many investigations have a base Common, they differ in many details, which can make the approach, resources and means vary from one to another. All in favor of the Elda detectives' investigation.


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What are the benefits of hiring a detective?

There are many benefits to hiring a detective. The fundamental thing is to get out of doubt or confirm a certain situation. One can be affected by it in a personal or sentimental field or also in an economic or business field. In the second case, the benefit of hiring a private eye in Elda is usually easily quantifiable from an economic point of view, in the sense that if a certain situation involved a disbursement of a certain amount of money, as compensation for example and that thanks to the investigation of the private eye in Elda can be reduced to another certain amount, making it easy to quantify the benefit.

When to request their services?

You can request the services of a private detective in Elda at any time. It is true that this service can be different from many others and it is not like going to the supermarket to buy any product. They are serious issues and are dealt with as professionally and rigorously as possible. The order must be formalized in writing and we also need all kinds of information from the investigated person to be able to carry out an investigation with guarantees, so some advance notice is required from the request for services, regarding the initiation of the investigation. The longer the advance, the better, since it will allow the detectives in Elda to carry out a better study and approach to the case, resulting in greater chances of success.

Best Private eyes in Elda

Our goal is to be the best private eyes in Elda and, therefore, we are part of all kinds of organizations and groups in the private eyes sector in Elda, we operate internationally and provide all kinds of services, requiring when necessary of experts or specialists from all types of areas, which allow us to carry out types of work. The observance of all kinds of legal aspects is also very important for us, since the difficult thing many times is not to obtain information or evidence, but the difficult thing is to be able to do so respecting all kinds of principles and duties, since if they are violated, our evidence would lose judicial validity.

Investigations for families and individuals

Las investigaciones para familias y particulares de detectives en Elda suelen tener una base de vigilancia y seguimiento. Este sería el caso de investigaciones de hijos, de pareja o en temas de adicciones, a modo de ejemplo. Tanto en estas como en otras, no quiere decir que sólo hagamos vigilancias o seguimientos, ya que hay investigaciones de una misma temática que se pueden resolver con diferentes operativas o una vigilancia y seguimiento puede ser una fase previa a la realización de un trabajo más especializado, traducido en una serie de gestiones o contactos por un detective privado en Elda con la persona investigada o de su entorno, por ejemplo.

Mutual insurance companies services

The services for mutual insurance companies of private eyes in Elda usually consist of investigating certain workers under their coverage, monitoring situations of temporary disability or recipients of benefits, to find out if they carry out any type of work activity, with the help of our reports, which must be ratified in court so that they receive their full legal validity. We work in accordance with current legislation and, especially, in accordance with the Private Security Law, which is why private detectives in Elda are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

Detectives for companies

Private detectives at Elda for business investigate fraud situations in general. For example, they check to see if employees on leave perform some type of work activity during the same or movements or behaviours that are not compatible with that leave. In any case, the eyes in Elda must make a written report that in case of detecting irregularities it is possible that it will be provided as evidence in court, so they must attend the trial as witnesses defending the report made, supported by the audiovisual material obtained from throughout the investigation.

Investigaciones para abogados

Investigations for lawyers are very important, because we can establish a series of facts for a case. Thanks to this, private detectives in Elda substantially increase the chances of winning a trial. Above all, private eyes are required in Elda in the civil and labor spheres, which do not exclude them from others. Furthermore, the work of a private detective in Elda does not have to end in court, facilitating agreements between the different parties involved, saving time and money and avoiding the collapse of justice.

Special services

In order to offer a comprehensive service, we offer what we call special services. There is no closed list for such services and we usually understand by them many of which are not usual for private detectives in Elda or carry out activities other than the best known, as is the case of the follow-ups, widely known by society in general. Therefore, we could put as examples of special services by a private detective in Elda, those that take place abroad, that require direct negotiations with the person or their environment, computer or similar matters.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Elda?

One of the most frequently asked questions when hiring a private eye in Elda is how much does a private eye cost in Elda? The price depends on many factors, such as the type of service, its duration and the number of resources to be allocated, as two detectives in Elda are always recommended over one, as an example, although as one might imagine, this increases the price, but also the positive results. The usual thing is that we first collect all the possible information of the case, in order to assess it in the most accurate way possible and, based on that assessment, the client decides whether to hire or not.

Request your budget!

Requesting your budget will surely be the final action that makes you decide to hire a private eye in Elda or not. He is a qualified professional and, as such, has a cost, sometimes unexpected for some who are totally outside the profession. Due to the peculiarities of detective work in Elda, there are investigations whose cost can vary upwards or downwards once started and especially during its development, as new discoveries arise that produce a radical turn and for which it is necessary to address it otherwise or, on the contrary, it may turn out that we obtain the information and evidence in fewer days and hours than initially stated.


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