Private Eyes in Denia

If you are looking for private eyes in Denia, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

We provide private detective services in Denia with video cameras as the main technical means, basic for the development of daily work. We adapt for this to its handling and possibilities, adapting it to all environments and conditions. Thanks to it, we capture as a means of proof all kinds of situations, events or behaviours, collected on video, which may be of vital importance in all kinds of legal proceedings. Our audiovisual equipment is small, high quality and discreet, optimal for our work. However, the audio recorders continue to form part of the daily electronic equipment of detectives in Denia when obtaining evidence, having small and manageable ones.

Private investigators agency in Denia

If you are looking for the best private investigatos agency in Denia, the minimum you have to have is the authorization of the Home Office to be able to work as a private detective in Denia, as well as being included in the National Registry of Private Security. With it and taking into account another series of criteria, such as that the client has a legitimate interest to be able to hire, such as the one that a mother has regarding her troubled child and whom she wants to know more or an employer regarding her worker on leave of those who suspect that they are faking it or exaggerating it, the detective agency in Denia will be able to provide a service with legal guarantees and offer valid reports in court, as we do.


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When to go to a detective?

You can go to a private detective in Denia in matters of any nature, such as economic, labor or commercial. The purpose is to obtain information on these matters that can either be used internally or can be used at the judicial level, since our reports are totally valid in court. At the business level we are a vitally important tool to carry out legal decisions and agreements that are as beneficial as possible for the party that has the advantage of having the work of private detectives in Denia.

Advantages and benefits of hiring detectives

The main advantage and benefit of hiring detectives in Denia is the provision of information and evidence with full judicial validity, on all kinds of matters, which at the judicial level are key for both companies and individuals. Companies would be the case of demonstrating unequivocally the deception of a worker by private detectives in Denia, saving the employer any type of compensation that should not correspond to him in a fair way and an example of individuals, would be to demonstrate an incorrect treatment by a former spouse with respect to the child in common.

Why hire a Detective in Denia

Hiring a detective in Denia can bring to light the deepest secrets of a person. We are aware of this and, therefore, we act in full compliance with current legislation, so in order to contract us, our clients must have a legitimate interest, that is, some type of relationship with the person to investigate and must contribute to the detectives in Denia a document that demonstrates the relationship and legitimizes the assignment, such as a copy of the family book or a copy of an employment contract.

Particular issues: custodians, infidelities ...

Two of the services that private clients demand the most from an investigator and private detective in Denia are custody and infidelity. In the first case, one of the parents of the child in common, suspects that the treatment he receives is not the most appropriate. This can translate into different types of behaviours, for example leaving him alone or with his grandparents for a long time or from another point of view, there is even the possibility of the existence of verbal or physical aggressions.

Data collection for lawyers

We are a vitally important tool for lawyers, collecting data that can be essential for their clients when it comes to winning a trial. There are many situations that may be clear, for having observed them even the client, an employee, friend or family member, but those situations, until they are collected by a legally accredited private detective in Denia, in an objective, impartial, professional way and before Everything, legally, does not charge the level of evidence that interests, so the detectives in Denia play a key role.

Private eyes for companies

Our services are also oriented to companies, working on a regular and recurring basis for them in all kinds of services. An example could be at the franchise level, when the main company suspects or has indications of a breach by one or more of its franchisees. Private eyes in Denia obtain information and evidence that leads us to know if this breach is really taking place or not, so that the main company can act accordingly, whether it is for good or bad.

Mutual insurance companies and insurance claims

Mutual insurance companies and insurance claims are the order of the day. Sometimes with more or less success, more or less justified and more or less deserved. The private detective in Denia comes into play in those claims that under a series of parameters raise doubts of veracity or justification of the same, to shed light on the matter and determine the circumstances of a specific fact that leads to know whether or not said said claim and must be assumed by the mutual or insurance.

Special services

We offer all kinds of services, that's why we have our category of special services. They are usually all those who leave their normal, usual or daily work or simply not offered by any agency. We have the collaboration of an expert professional in all kinds of matters and some of the examples of these services would be those related to electronic sweeps, polygraphs, infiltrations, economic and patrimonial reports or installation of hidden cameras, getting to know certain aspects of what otherwise they would not be possible.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

How much does a private eye cost in Denia? Prices

How much does a private eye cost in Denia? The prices depend on the service, since we offer personalized and individualized services, both to offer the best possible option to our clients, and due to the nature of each investigation. An investigation in Spain is not the same as abroad, just as an investigation in a big city like Madrid, where there are many detectives, is not the same as what an investigation in a city like Ceuta or Melilla can cost, where you will have to travel to the area to be able to provide the service.

Request your budget!

If you want to carry out an investigation by Detectives in Denia and you do not know how much it may cost, request your budget by mobile or email. The budget may vary depending on the type of service and the information available. In addition, it is free and without any kind of commitment. On many occasions we will be able to provide you with an instant quote, on others and, depending on the specialty of the service, we will first need to carry out a series of procedures and checks before we can make a specific approach to you.


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