Private Eyes in Ciudad Real

Detectives 360º has a physical office in Madrid and offers private eyes in Ciudad Real through their collaborating offices or travelling.

We offer high private investigation, putting a lot of effort and dedication to the quality of each of our work. Trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment are our fundamental values. We are members of the APDPE (Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain), of the Official College of Private Detectives of Catalonia and of the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community.

Private eyes in Ciudad Real

As a private detective agency in Ciudad Real, we issue a report with full judicial validity at the end of our investigations. We are legally authorized by the Home Office: on the one hand, our office has the number 10,962 and on the other hand, the number of the Professional Identity Card of the owner of the office is 3,930. We work throughout Spain and also outside the national territory and we offer all kinds of services for all types of clients, whether they are individuals, small companies, large companies, national clients or international clients.


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What to take into account when hiring a private eye in Ciudad Real?

You have to take into account when hiring a detective in Ciudad Real that you have a legitimate interest in the desired investigation. That is, if you have a family, economic or business relationship with the person to be investigated, it is very likely that the investigation is in accordance with the law and can be carried out by detectives in Ciudad Real. It is also important that information is not saved and that you provide everything you know to private detectives in Ciudad Real.


When do you need a private eye?

You need a private detective in Ciudad Real if you have an information need or an evidentiary need. That is, you may be interested in knowing the truth behind a behavior or knowing it and wanting to demonstrate it or even both at the same time, not knowing it on the one hand and once known, wanting to use the detective report in Ciudad Real to enforce your rights . In any case, we always make the same report, whether it ends up being provided in court or trial, or if, on the contrary, it ends up at the bottom of a drawer.

Our services

Our services are very varied and are offered to all types of clients. In order to provide the best possible service, we are interested in knowing if we are dealing with an individual or a company and the information or evidence that is intended to be obtained. At that point it is very possible that we already know what type of service to offer you, which we always adapt to your specific case, there are sometimes different ways to obtain the same result in which case we would show you the different proposals to choose from.

Private eyes in Ciudad Real for infidelities

If you have doubts about your partner, the private eyes in Ciudad Real for infidelities are the professionals you need. Analyzing the specific situation, as well as the information provided, we will know what approach to make in each case and the necessary resources. With time and the right investment, we can get the information and evidence you need. You can suspect a behavior or even know it, but we can confirm it, discard it or collect it in an evidentiary way in a report that leaves no room for doubt and that if necessary can be provided in court.

Labor private eyes in Ciudad Real

Whether you are a worker or a businessman, Ciudad Real labor private eyes can be the help you need to end an unfair situation and claim your rights. On a daily basis, injustices are committed by both parties and the detectives in Ciudad Real are the ideal ones to collect the facts with all the guarantees and in a report, as they are impartial third parties, without any type of direct interest in the specific matter and reinforcing Your statements with photos, videos, recordings and any valid means of proof.

Private eyes for companies in Ciudad Real

Companies, businessmen or workers with management functions usually use detectives for companies in Ciudad Real, to save thousands of euros. Whether it is to recover a debt, such as analyzing a future client, supplier or worker, as well as carrying out a quality control or investigating a worker who is on leave and who is presumed not to be saying or acting according to the truth , private detectives in Ciudad Real obtain the necessary information and evidence in each case.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Private eyes in Ciudad Real: prices and rates

The number of private detectives in Ciudad Real and their prices and rates are determined based on each specific case and the information and evidence that they want to obtain. The more difficult it is, the greater the number of resources required and therefore the price of the research increases. Although surveillance or monitoring is budgeted for hours in the vast majority of cases, the number of detectives in Ciudad Real that is necessary, the number or types of vehicles, as well as the day or time of the investigation, mean that there may be great variations between some budgets or others. In any case, cases other than surveillance and monitoring have to be analyzed individually and we try to adjust our investigations to the specific needs of each client.


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