Private Eyes in Castellón

Our physical office in Madrid does not prevent us from providing service in Castellón thanks to private eyes in Castellón.

This service is the result of numerous collaboration agreements with the main law firms in the country, as well as travel. We offer high private investigation services nationally and internationally, using our knowledge of English and German. Trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment are our fundamental values ​​and we carry out each investigation based on these. We are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior with office number 10,962 and license number 3,930.

Private eyes in Castellón

We provide all kinds of services as a private detective agency in Castellón, so we can help both individuals and companies as well as lawyers and mutuals and insurers. We are also members of the APDPE (Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain), of the Official College of Private Detectives of Catalonia and of the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community. The final result of our investigations concludes with a report with full judicial or trial validity that contains the photographs and videos made throughout the investigation, as well as the actions carried out or observed, being able to justify and prove each movement.


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What is a private eye?

A private eye is a professional with a vocation to help and whose work has great social significance. He helps individuals and companies in the search for information and in providing evidence. All this based on a specific training and in possession of a license. He also helps with all kinds of technical material and different human resources. Their reports are key in the victory of all kinds of trials, as well as in creating justice and restoring unjust situations.

When do you need a private eye?

You need a private eye in Castellón whenever you have a need for information or you need to obtain proof of a situation or behavior. The private detective in Castellón is the only professional legally authorized to obtain evidence on private conduct or events. Thanks to his research and especially to the report he issues at the end of it, collecting the audiovisual material and the actions carried out, he can discover or demonstrate what he did not know or could confirm or demonstrate and that he now has as proof that he can contribute in a legal and with all the guarantees in a trial.

Private eyes in Castellón for infidelities

The private eyes in Castellón for infidelities are one of our most demanded professionals. Although today it is not necessary to demonstrate an infidelity on the part of the spouse to divorce, there are still many reasons for their hiring and disclosure of an infidelity. On the one hand, you may have suspicions of an infidelity on the part of your partner, but you need to be able to confirm and prove it, because you may have tried to confront your partner or know his way of being and know that he does not admit anything. On the other hand, you may have already made your decision to separate and want to record your partner's infidelity in a report, in order to justify yourself to family and friends. Also, with regard to custody, he trusts that the report will help him in his right over the children in common. These are some of the reasons why our detectives in Castellón are hired for infidelities, but there are many others.

Private eyes in Castellón for companies

The private eyes in Castellón for companies, spend most of the time investigating false casualties. Workers who may be on leave due to anxiety or depression, but be working in a competitor's or family business or spending all day in bars and consuming alcohol, which is incompatible with any type of medication and would not be doing what is necessary to improve and return to work, as an example. It is important in this type of case that the detectives are in coordination with the lawyer or lawyers who take the case through the courts, in order that all legal deadlines are respected and that the evidence, if positive, is not seen altered in the least. Likewise, this coordination is useful when it comes to delving into some detail of the case.

Labor private eyes in Castellón

The labor private eyes in Castellón investigate false leave, fraud in companies, labor duplication, carry out pre-employment reports on clients, partners and suppliers, investigate cases of unfair competition or carry out quality controls, among others. They also make reports and observations on employees, labor controls outside the office and locate debtors if necessary. If you are an entrepreneur or work in a company and you think we can help you with these or other services, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment. Likewise, if you are a worker, you are in a position of weakness with respect to the company and a manifestly unfair behavior is taking place and with some type of legal solution, we are also here to help you.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Private eyes in Castellón: prices and rates

As for private eyes in Castellón and prices and rates, it depends on each situation. The first thing to do is to contact us, either by phone, e-mail, telegram, whatsapp or sms and explain your case to us. Based on the information provided, we can make a better assessment and approach to your case, focusing first on its legal viability. Without a legitimate interest in your case, we will not be able to help you. In other words, in order to contract us, there must be some kind of link with the person to be investigated, such as the case of the mother with her child or the employer with his worker. However, there must be another series of requirements and any investigation must be based on various principles such as proportionality, which is why our investigations are focused on some days and hours and are not extended over a period of months or years, since for In most cases, a few days of research is sufficient, although it is also clear that the more room we have to work, the better and that five days are always better than three, for example.

What to take into account when hiring a private eye in Castellón?

When hiring a private eye in Castellón, it is very important to bear in mind that the more details you provide us, the better. We pay a lot of attention to collecting data for research, having a very complete data collection form that we expand in specific cases. It is very possible that data is requested that a priori have no relevance to the investigation, but it would not be the first time that a telephone number, an email or a place that the investigated person frequents, ends up being the key to the investigation. Do not forget that private detectives have professional secrecy and that all our investigations are confidential, so do not hesitate to provide us with as much information as possible and thus contribute to the best possible development of the investigation.

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