Private eyes in Cartagena

Detectives 360º is based in Madrid and has private eyes in Cartagena to provide their services.

This is possible thanks to the collaboration agreements that we have signed with the main agencies and firms in the country and also through travel. We are legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, our office having the number 10,962 and the holder of the office having the Professional Identity Card 3,930. We care about high private investigation, trying to offer the best possible result in each investigation and prioritizing quality over quantity.

Private investigators agency in Cartagena

As a private detective agency in Cartagena, we work nationally and internationally, helping us in this last point of the command of the English and German languages. We offer all kinds of services, both for individuals, companies, lawyers, mutuals and insurance companies. Our fundamental values ​​are trust, confidentiality and personalized service. We are part of the main associations in the country, being members of the APDPE (Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain), of the Official College of Private Detectives of Catalonia and of the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community.


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How can a private eye help you in Cartagena?

Whether you are an individual, or if you run or form part of a company, there are multiple information or evidence solutions with which a private eye in Cartagena can help you. As for individuals, the most common that we are requested are personal investigations in which a possible infidelity on the part of the current partner is suspected, situations in which some type of pension is at stake, either food or compensatory and that it seeks to modify, either to reduce, increase or eradicate it, custody matters, in which the treatment and care that the child receives in common and the location of old friends or distant relatives are of interest. As for companies, the most common is the investigation of fraud in a broad sense, focused above all on false casualties, in whole or in part, which can lead to all kinds of situations such as duplication of work or unfair competition and the location of defaulters .

Labor detective in Cartagena

A labor detective in Cartagena can investigate a multitude of behaviors. It is true that the most common in our specific case is the investigation of false casualties. It would not be the first time that we have observed low-income people who cannot lift weight, leaving the supermarket loaded with jugs of water. A behavior like this reflected in a report, in an ideal case supported by images or videos and all by a legally qualified private detective, may be all that is necessary to put an end to an unfair situation and reach an out-of-court settlement or by on the contrary, take the matter to court in search of the maximum possible consequences.

Private eyes for individuals in Cartagena

Private eyes for individuals in Cartagena are legally authorized, they offer you a personalized and above all confidential treatment. You should not have problems when presenting your case, the more information we have, the better it will be for the successful conduct of the investigation, whether it has a judicial purpose or not. The usual problems with respect to individuals are usually related to the family, be it the current partner, children or ex-partner and unlike other matters, such as those commissioned by a mutual or an insurer, it is usual that a lot of information about the person to investigate, which results in a better development of the investigation.

Private eyes in Cartagena for infidelities

Our private eyes in Cartagena for infidelities can help you in your problem. If your partner shares in a strange way, lately it is not like always, he has new friends, he fixes up more, hides his mobile etc. there could be something behind it. With rare exceptions, with surveillance and follow-ups we can confirm if it does what it says it does and meets who says it does. A report full of images can give you confirmation of an infidelity if there is one and prevent the other person from denying the obvious. Likewise, if we are faced with a work-related infidelity, our detectives in Cartagena for infidelities can help you reestablish a fair and equal situation.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Private eyes in Cartagena: prices and rates

The prices and rates of private eyes in Cartagena in most cases are billed by the hour for surveillance and monitoring. Practically any other service that is not surveillance or monitoring must be budgeted individually, with all kinds of factors influencing this budget. Likewise, the surveillance and follow-ups are conditioned by the scene of the investigation, the means of transport, the day and time and more. Ask us your question and get your personalized quote.


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