Private Eyes in Benidorm

If you are looking for private eyes in Benidorm, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

We offer all kinds of detectives and private investigators services in Benidorm, translated into all kinds of reports, for example in the areas: labor, economic and commercial, insurance, family and personal, special investigations, techniques, private crimes or surveillance services not uniformed. The objective of the detectives in Benidorm is to communicate the results of their investigations to their clients as clearly and completely as possible, including in their investigation reports photographs and videos, in general and avoiding personal opinions, which could only affect negatively to them in court. In many legal proceedings, our reports are vital to tip the balance on the side of our clients.

Private investigators agency in Benidorm

In the workplace or business, we offer multiple services as private investigators agency in Benidorm, such as a pre-employment report, checking, among others, if the data and information provided by the candidate correspond to reality, carrying out disability checks temporary workers of companies, being fundamental the follow-up, to see if it is doing everything necessary to guarantee its quicker cure and if it acts in bad faith or not or the follow-up of commercials, employees or representatives, in order to control the performance labor. Other private detective services in Benidorm in this area are unfair competition, investigation at the request of employees or litigation support.


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Why do you need a private detective?

You may need a private detective in Benidorm for all kinds of problems and matters. Depending on the type of client, they will be of one nature or another, that is, it can be from the personal or family sphere or from the economic or business sphere. Private detectives in Benidorm are regulated by the Private Security Law, they appear in the Civil Procedure Law, they have a specific resolution from the Data Protection Agency, so they have a regulatory framework that endorses their work and endows it guarantees, in such a way that at the end of their work they issue a report that has full judicial validity and can be used as if it were a witness evidence, regardless of whether the information and evidence are wanted for judicial use or not.

How can we help you?

There are many cases and situations in which we can help you. If you have a company or work in one in a managerial position and suspect that an employee who is on leave, does not tell the truth about it, pretending or exaggerating it, we can carry out a surveillance and follow-up of this worker, which will allow us know the bottom of the matter and get to the truth, to confirm the reality of the loss or the falsehood of it. In the event that a feigned discharge is confirmed, the information and evidence from detectives in Benidorm in a report with full judicial validity can be used to reach an agreement with the worker out of court or take the matter to the end and with all the consequences for both in court.

Best private eyes in Benidorm

If you are looking for the best private eyes in Benidorm, we hope to respond to your wishes, putting at your disposal trained, qualified and legally authorized investigators. We work meticulously and pay attention to the different phases of the investigation, whether it is before, during or after it. We understand the importance of the different phases, being aware that a good collection of information, together with an adequate approach or planning is of vital importance, as well as the writing of the report with full judicial validity that we issue at the end of our work, especially if it is provided in court, to avoid giving arguments to the opposing party to try to undermine it.

For families and individuals

For families and individuals the work of a detective is common. As you can imagine, the detective services in Benidorm in this field differ from those that we could find in the business area. What they usually ask us in this regard are matters of infidelity in the couple, child custody, location and search for people, modification of measures, children's behaviour, gambling and addictions, demonstration of coexistence or premarital reports as an example. The operation changes from one issue to another, being able in some cases to have a common basis and paying attention to the peculiarities of each case.

Are you a lawyer and need our services?

Lawyers regularly resort to detectives in Benidorm to obtain information and evidence that lead to judicial victory. Either they contact us directly on behalf of their clients or they send us directly to the client. The usual thing is that we deal directly with the clients to whom our report is directed, but that in turn we are in constant contact with the lawyers to comment on the progress of the investigation and be able to decide at all times, the best possible continuation Without forgetting that we are the detectives in Benidorm and that our work must be objective and impartial.

We support your company

Detectives in Benidorm support your company in all kinds of labor disputes. In cases of false leave, your employee could be carrying out another work activity during their leave or carrying out activities that are incompatible with it. We also help in situations of unfair competition. Absenteeism is another widespread practice, in which a worker may violate schedules or make unjustified absences from his job. What is also important is that a private detective in Benidorm can collect these behaviours in reports with full judicial validity, in such a way that they can be provided as evidence before the Courts of Justice.

Interpretation of damages in mutual insurance companies and insurance companies

In mutual insurance companies and insurance companies, fraud by some policyholders is frequent, which is why detectives are used in Benidorm. It may be about information concealment issues, providing wrong information about an accident, simulation of claims or exaggeration of damage. The most common frauds are in the field of car insurance. The objective of the private detective in Benidorm is to get to the truth and see what has happened or stopped happening, in order to determine the veracity or not of some damages or the exaggeration of them.

Special services of Detectives 360º

Under special services, we find especially those that are not surveillance, which is what is usually identified with the work of private detective in Benidorm, which does not mean that it is easy or that it does not require specialized personnel, therefore that under special services of Detectives 360º, we can find services of electronic sweeps, polygraph, forensic computing, economic and / or patrimonial reports, etc. In general, we usually list the most common services and by way of example, which does not mean that we do not provide others. If you require any other service that you do not identify listed, ask us your question.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

Prices and Rates of our private eyes in Benidorm

The prices and rates of our private eyes in Benidorm depend on many factors. First of all, we need to know what information and evidence we are looking for, to see if from a legal and operational point of view it can be obtained from us. If from the analysis carried out, we determine that we can provide the service from a legal and operational point of view, we will be able to better specify prices and rates, since surveillance and monitoring do not cost the same as infiltration, by way of example and, in addition, there may be surveillance and monitoring of all kinds, as well as infiltrations, requiring more or less time to reach the desired result or more or less detectives in Benidorm, which determines the price.

Request your budget!

As commented in the previous point, there are many factors that determine the price of an investigation, so we recommend that you contact detectives in Benidorm directly, raise your problem with as many details as possible, which may give us a further idea approximate of what we are looking for, how to raise it and then make a budget adjusted to your case, which is free and without any kind of commitment, being able to decide whether or not to hire a private detective in Benidorm, after having obtained it.


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