Private Eyes in Alcobendas

If you are looking for a private eyes in Alcobendas, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Alcobendas, the rest of Spain, as well as internationally, mastering English and German.

Despite being a mysterious job, all of our private eyes in Alcobendas have studied the title of private detective. We are used to moments of long waits or patience in our investigations. Our clients usually come to us after they have noticed strange behaviour on the part of the person to be investigated, which makes them suspicious of a specific situation and they wait for our help in order to know what is happening. We work a lot for companies, but also for individuals in matters of infidelities for example, which are carried out by both men and women. Because of issues like this, many people are struck by our work, because it is different from others.

Detective agency in Alcobendas

As a detective agency in Alcobendas, we adapt to the schedules and customs of the person to investigate, so if they get up early, we get up earlier, if they stay up late, we stay up late. In the case of surveillance and follow-ups, we pay attention to details such as having a full tank and bringing food, because we are aware that we know when we start an investigation, but never when we finish it. We investigate sham terminations, fraudulent terminations, unfair competition, information leaks, absenteeism, and job duplication, for example. As private detectives in Alcobendas, that is to say, Spanish, we are the best prepared professionals in Europe. Companies can ask us for proof of the alleged insolvency of a defaulter.


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Why hire a private detective?

To the question of why hire a private detective in Alcobendas? The answer is simple: he is the only professional recognized by law to carry out private investigations, being able to collect personal data from people without their consent without violating any type of regulation, this being recognized by the Spanish Data Protection Agency itself and a multitude of sentences. These personal data, derived from the capture of images and videos, among others, are reflected in a report made by the private eye in Alcobendas collecting all the facts and actions and delivered to the client once their work is finished, with the possibility of use it as evidence in court.

How can we help?

We can help you in many ways as a private detective in Alcobendas. The type of help varies depending on the type of client. Information is always provided in any case, which can either confirm a suspicion, or on the contrary, it can be discarded, nothing special happening or discovering other unexpected behaviour behind it. This information, having been obtained by a qualified professional, is legal and can be provided in court, assuming on many occasions the key to victory. There are times when it is not necessary to arrive at the hearing, being able to use that information to negotiate and saving those involved, time, money and annoyances.

Best private eyes in Alcobendas

We understand that the best private eyes in Alcobendas have to be trustworthy above all. Trust is a fundamental value in all types of relationships, both personal, commercial or business. The client is not present at the time of carrying out a certain job and it is difficult to demonstrate the professionalism or know-how of a private detective in Alcobendas, if there is no previous work, so he must trust the good work of the detective and the detective must restore that confidence in the performance of a good job done, regardless of the result, but in which all the work, commitment and effort made on their part to arrive at the desired information or evidence is accredited.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

For individuals and families

For individuals and families, these are some of the issues, topics and services that they request from us: modification of alimony, parental authority, guardianship and custody, modification of the visiting regime, use and enjoyment of the family home, modification of the compensatory pension, acknowledgment of paternity, disappearance of minors. Many of these examples end in trial, so the private detective in Alcobendas in charge of the investigation, must go to it to be ratified in the seen and heard, in such a way that the report receives the value of evidence, since in itself alone, it would not be enough.

Hand in hand with the legal profession

The one-on-one with the legal profession translates into the regular contact of private detectives in Alcobendas with law firms. Many of the clients of private detectives come from the hand of their lawyer, that is, it is their lawyer who recommends the client to hire a private detective in Alcobendas and can sometimes recommend one, since it may be a matter that without evidence is difficult to win or even impossible to win. By being in contact with the lawyers of our clients, we can also deal with more objective interlocutors and with the necessary legal vision to give an opinion when deepening or redirecting an investigation, within a series of nuances and requirements, starting with those of the objectivity and truthfulness.

What your company needs

We are here for whatever your company needs: commercial matters, business investigations, solvency and delinquency, plagiarism, locating debtors, control of raw materials, investigating franchisees, etc. If our work wants it for internal use or for trial, it's up to you. In addition, there is always the possibility of reaching out-of-court agreements, since when the situation is clear and has been duly reflected, the investigated person himself is aware that at the judicial level he has everything to lose and that reaching that extreme would only play in against him and it would end worse. The businessman, on the other hand, gains time and money by going to private detectives in Alcobendas.

Against cheating in mutuals and insurance

Cheating in mutuals and insurance companies is very common, which is why they are fought with special force by these clients, habitual of private eyes in Alcobendas. Within this category, we can find numerous services. Some examples would be: investigations on accidents caused, vehicles, industries, investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents, verification of leave due to temporary disability, control of injuries, verifications of sequelae, evaluation of the degree of disability and verification of the degree of disability after discharge medical. They are requested throughout Spain and depending on each issue, more or less private detectives in Alcobendas or more or less investigative means may be necessary.

Discover our special services

Apart from the most classic or usual services for individuals, families, companies or mutuals and insurance companies, we provide another series of special services, for example: counter-surveillance services, location and destruction of hidden microphones, detection of wiretaps, industrial counter-espionage, computer forensics (FORENSIC), digital investigation, polygraph service or hidden cameras. Of the provision of many of these services, private detectives in Alcobendas experts in each of these matters are in charge of the necessary way. Detective services in general are highly specialized and personalized, and surely these are even more so. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Prices and Rates of our private eyes in Alcobendas

In order to determine the prices and rates of our private eyes in Alcobendas, the individual, family, company or mutual or insurer, has to give us the information and evidence that he is pursuing, as well as all the possible, necessary and known data of the person to investigate. The more data and information we have, the more we can focus the investigation, which can translate into a more effective investigation, with better results and at a lower cost, being able to focus on the days and hours of special interest. Depending on various factors, as well as the resources that we want or have to use, the price or rate will go up or down according to each investigation.

Request your budget!

If you have a problem, a need for information or evidence and you are interested in hiring a private eye in Alcobendas, ask for your quote! You can contact us by phone, by e-mail, sms, whatsapp or telegram and on many occasions, as a first contact we can provide you with a budget. We try to adapt our budgets to each type of research, being aware of the differences that may exist in cases of the same subject, because they are in different parts of the country, because they are areas where it is difficult to work, because of the distribution of the address of the person to be investigated, being able to count on several exits, as well as the means of movement with which they can count, as an example.


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