Private Eyes in Alcalá de Henares

If you are looking for private eyes in Alcalá de Henares, Detectives 360º is headquartered in Madrid and offers services in Alcalá de Henares, the rest of Spain and also internationally, mastering English and German.

Private detectives in Alcalá de Henares assess each matter in a personalized way. On the one hand, they decide how to carry out the specific investigation and based on that decision or recommendation, since the client is the one who decides whether to hire or not, a tight budget is made, which allows a decent investigation to be carried out, but that make the latter as effective and economical as possible. In the case of surveillance and monitoring, we can do it with one or two private eyes in Alcalá de Henares, except in exceptional cases in which more are necessary. Two detectives are always recommended over one, since it produces a considerable increase in effectiveness and therefore a result of the investigation.

Detective agency in Alcalá de Henares

Normally when a client contacts a detective agency in Alcalá de Henares, it is because they already have quite obvious suspicions. For example, on a personal level, your partner goes to buy things at the supermarket that he mysteriously forgets and appears with his mobile in his hand, hides in the bathroom to talk, so the customer ends up connecting the dots and contacting us. As for the fingerprint of the people we investigate, even if the person to be investigated has their profiles on their social networks closed, their friends may not, which helps us to obtain information. We are not that different from other professions such as lawyers, architects, doctors or teachers, only that we also work on weekends.


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Why hire a private detective?

The main reason for hiring a private detective in Alcalá de Henares is that, according to the Private Security Law, he is the only qualified professional who can provide, exclusively and excluding, private investigation services in relation to people, facts or crimes only prosecutable at the request of the party. Any other person who is not a legally authorized private eye in Alcalá de Henares, does not have the possibility of performing a legal private detective service, or with guarantees, which can only translate into negative consequences for any client who knowingly or out of ignorance, he hired unauthorized personnel or decided to try to solve a matter on his own or with the help of a friend or family member.

How can we help?

We can help you as private eyes in Alcalá de Henares, providing evidence in legal proceedings in family cases, child custody, search for people, false casualties, insults, slander, quality control, unfair competition, etc. We are regulated by the Private Security Law, which provides legal security to our clients. We save you time and money by providing evidence that may lead to the solution of a legal problem or peace of mind in a situation of uncertainty, shedding light on it, translating the truth into a report. All this, provided that there is a legitimate interest and always based on confidentiality, typical of our work and included in our law.

Best private detectives in Alcalá de Henares

In order to be the best private detectives in Alcalá de Henares, we offer a great capacity for adaptation, patience and rigor at work. We always make the best decision at all times and we are capable of solving all kinds of unforeseen events. We include a report in all our investigations, with probative and informative value, collecting the results of our investigations. We attach great importance to our fundamental values, which are trust, confidentiality and personalized service. And of course, we are in possession of our license from the Home Office, without which we could not provide a legal job or with guarantees.

A discreet investigation

At Detectives 360º we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodians. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illicit act related to custody, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodial detective services.

For individuals and families

For individuals and families, we provide private eye services in Alcalá de Henares, custody, control of children, search for people, insults and slander, infidelity, gambling, drug addiction and alcoholism, alimony, demonstration of coexistence, work activity and underground economy , sects, rentals and subleases etc. Some of these services have a judicial purpose and our report with full judicial validity is provided in court to be ratified and others not, where the purpose of the report and of our hiring is only to know the background of a situation and be informed internally, to be able to make decisions with guarantees, but without pursuing a legal consequence.

Hand in hand with the legal profession

On many occasions, when we are consulted as private eyes in Alcalá de Henares, a matter that has judicial significance, such as the investigation of a false discharge, an issue of unfair competition or the investigation of a commercial who does not carry out the work activity that It corresponds, we ourselves recommend that the client inform his or her lawyer of our hiring, in order to coordinate the legal strategy and we offer to speak directly with the same or the same, to work hand in hand with the legal profession. In such a way that you can be aware of the judicial deadlines and the progress of the investigation, being able to ask at all times, as long as it is an objective action and is paid for by the client, that we influence a specific issue in order to expand or confirm information.

What your company needs

You may find yourself in the situation where your company needs information and evidence from a private eye in Alcalá de Henares: to know the status of that worker who has been absent for so long and who you suspect may be exaggerating or pretending it, to know if the salesperson who has drastically lowered their performance and productivity or that they have never managed to do their job well in terms of results, they make an effort every day to go to attract customers or, on the contrary, they do not leave home, go to the bar or use the working hours to carry out your own affairs, know the current address of the debtor who has left an unpaid debt and to whom you have to send a burofax, etc. There are endless examples in which we can help you.

Against cheating in mutuals and insurance

Private eyes in Alcalá de Henares, we are known for fighting fraud. Especially against mutual and insurance deception. These deceptions have a multitude of expressions and variants. There is the possibility of faking a claim completely, reporting an event and damage that has not been produced. Such an accident may also have occurred, but given the situation, the injured person has seen his opportunity to exaggerate the damage and obtain a greater benefit. Regarding the loss of objects or thefts suffered by the insured, it is not strange that the wording of the events is changed in order to obtain insurance coverage, as well as the time that the theft of jewelry that miraculously carries up to date is reported following.

Discover our special services

Surveillance are surely the most used and well-known services of private detectives in Alcalá de Henares. In many investigations they are the key piece of the investigation and in many others they are an accessory or complementary part of it, which expands or confirms certain information. However, at Detectives 360º we offer all possible information solutions, our special services, incorporating, among others, the polygraph service by expert personnel, electronic sweeps by true professionals and computer forensics, being able to count on the collaboration of numerous expert professionals in the matter, in such a way that one or the other will be in charge of each specific question, always in order to provide the best possible solution and by the most specialized person at all times.

Prices and Rates of our private eyes in Alcalá

The prices and rates of our private eyes in Alcalá are established based on the type of service to be provided, the information available and the purpose and objective of the investigation. In the case of surveillance and monitoring, we bill these services by the hour and with a minimum service of hours, taking into account the time of consultation, advice, preparation of the file and planning and approach of the case. The more time we have from when the investigation is requested until we carry it out, the better, since we have more planning time, which translates into a greater probability of success.

Request your budget!

Request your budget! For this, the best thing is to call us by phone, the one indicated in many places and sections of our website and I spoke with a private detective in Alcalá de Henares. We will assist you as soon as possible and in the best possible way. Depending on the matter to be investigated and its operation, as well as the information we have at that time, it is possible that we can advance a budget by telephone. For specific, special, specialized questions or less common or even rare investigations, it is most likely that we will ask you before all the information, to be able to evaluate the matter free of charge and without obligation in order to assess the viability of the matter.


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