Private Eyes in Albacete

If you are looking for private eyes in Albacete, at Detectives 360º we can help you.

Our physical office is located in Madrid and we work nationally and internationally by means of trips and thanks to the collaboration agreements we have signed with trusted agencies and offices throughout the country and around the world. Our fundamental values ​​are trust, confidentiality and personalized treatment and we are part of the main associations and colleges of the group in Spain, being members of the APDPE (Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain), of the Official College of Private Detectives of Catalonia and of the Official College of Private Detectives of the Valencian Community.

Private eyes in Albacete

As a private eyes in Albacete, we focus on high private investigation, seeking the highest quality in each of our work. The latter are concluded with a report with full judicial validity that contains the actions observed and carried out and which are reinforced with images and videos. We offer all kinds of services, whether they are focused on surveillance and monitoring or commercial or patrimonial work, as well as information technology. For this we rely on different experts from different areas, always trying to offer the best possible result. Our office is legally authorized by the Ministry of the Interior with license number 10,962 and the holder of the office is in possession of Professional Identity Card number 3,930.



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What is a private eye?

A private eye in Albacete is the professional who helps his clients find out the background of all kinds of situations, reflecting his performance in a report and constituting valid evidence in legal proceedings. For this, it has high-tech equipment and adapts its behavior and clothing to each different environment and place, always going as unnoticed as possible, in order to obtain the desired information and evidence. In Spain, in order to be a private detective in Albacete, you have to complete university studies, meet a series of requirements and be in possession of your TIP, issued by the Ministry of the Interior.


How to hire a private eye in Albacete?

To hire a private eye in Albacete, it is necessary to sign a contract that identifies the parties, it is necessary to allege a legitimate interest, that is, a reason that provides legal viability to the investigation and that supposes a link between the client and the person under investigation. Examples for this would be the relationship of a mother to her child or that of an employer to her worker. Investigating a neighbor out of curiosity would not be possible. In addition, it is necessary to provide all the necessary data to carry out the investigation, such as the personal data of the investigated, their address if known, their vehicles and finally provide a provision of funds whose percentage varies, but always exceeds 50% of the estimate we make.

When do you need a private eye?

Our services are very varied and usually depend on the type of client. While an individual is usually interested in family matters, such as a possible infidelity on the part of his spouse, duly regulating the payment of pensions with respect to his ex-partner or seeing the treatment that the child receives in common in case of custody, a company focuses more on the fraud that occurs within it, especially related to workers and in particular with the persecution, disclosure and demonstration of false sick leave.

Private eyes in Albacete for infidelities

Private eyes in Albacete for infidelities are in high demand at a private level. It may be a false alarm or, on the contrary, confirm their suspicions, but what the individual usually wants in matters of infidelities is to get out of doubt, be able to confirm or rule out a behavior or even know it and want to demonstrate it and translate it into a report, so that The obvious cannot be denied and, if necessary, to be justified before family and friends in the event of making any type of decision that in the eyes of a third party and, without timely information, could be considered drastic or inopportune.


Labor private eyes in Albacete

The fraud in the company in a broad sense, the labor detectives in Albacete deal with. At the work level, a very common problem in the employer-employee relationship is that after a series of misunderstandings between one and the other, sometimes to a greater or even lesser extent, the employee takes a leave and the employer for comments from this , from his co-workers or by some kind of coincidence or chance, you have the suspicion or certainty that the employee is faking or exaggerating the leave and you need a private detective to find out and prove it if necessary.

Private eyes in Albacete for individuals

The private eyes in Albacete for individuals can help in many matters. Some have a judicial significance, others do not. The matters that usually end up in court are those related to pensions and custody. On the contrary, if the investigation is aimed at infidelity or locating an old friend or relative, the reports of these investigations are usually for internal use or knowledge and not be provided in the courts and tribunals. In any case, the report made by a private detective always has judicial validity.


Private eyes for companies in Albacete

Private eyes for companies in Albacete spend most of their time investigating false casualties by workers, sometimes disgruntled, sometimes opportunistic and other times genuine fraud professionals. These casualties usually end up in parallel jobs, in competing or family companies. Catching a worker faking a leave can help reduce fraud internally in the company, with workers understanding the possible consequences of their actions and this being a clear example of favorable investment in hiring detectives in Albacete.

A discreet investigation

At 360º Detectives we like to work with great patience and total discretion, in order to solve problems related to custodies. In our performance lies a maximum confidentiality with our clients, which helps us to always discover any type of illegal act related to custodies, improving the situation of the minor. Don't wait any longer to learn about our custodies detective services.

Private eyes in Albacete: prices and rates

The prices and rates of private detectives in Albacete often play in many cases the deciding factor for someone to decide to hire a private detective. What is at stake is very influential, but it is usually a magnificent investment, which can end up saving the client thousands and thousands of euros. If we are faced with a surveillance and monitoring service, we bill it by the hour, with a minimum of hours per day and service and taxes and expenses being separate. The amount of the hour depends on many factors, such as the location of the site, the detectives in Albacete to employ, the necessary means, for example the number of vehicles, etc. In other types of services, other than surveillance and monitoring, the usual thing is to first collect all the information and with it carry out the most accurate approach possible in each case. Ask us your question without any kind of commitment.

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