Private Detectives

Investigative solutions in the personal and professional sphere.

The office

Legally authorized by the Ministry of Interior, Detectives 360º offers all kinds of investigative services on a national ground. 

Detectives 360º is a young and enthusiastic office of private detectives that helps individuals and companies in any conflict of their day to day, whether in Madrid or anywhere else in Spain. The purpose is that each and every one of our cases is carried out based on trust and personalized treatment towards the client. Discretion and patience are our main qualities, as well as the absolute confidentiality with which we treat each and every one of our investigations. We work in all type of areas; economic, mercantile, financial solvency, urban leasing, labor, family, marital or surveillance in hotels, fairs or large areas.

Detectives 360º carries out most of its activity in Madrid and we move and carry out works in any part of the country through our network of collaborators.

The license number of the head of the detective office is 3.930 and the number of the office is 10.962.

Services and solutions

Detectives 360º carries out all kind of investigations, searches and studies tailored to the client. The following is a list of services we offer. These types of work are not the only ones we do, so if you are interested in another type of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Individuals and family

Child control


Gambling, drug addiction and alcoholism

Child support/ alimony

Proof of shared living

Labor activity and underground economy



Rents and subleases

Location of persons



Child support/ alimony

Proof of shared living

Labor activity and underground economy


Rents and subleases

Location of persons



Misrepresented leaves of absence

Fraud prevention

Work duplicity

Reports on customers, partners and suppliers

Unfair competition

Quality control

Reports and observations on employees

Representatives control

Location of persons


Mutual and insurance companies

Verification of injuries and accidents

Accident simulation

Exaggeration of damages


The profession

If you have questions about the office or the profession, here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Of course it is legal to hire a private detective. Although there must be legitimate interest and the investigation must be carried out by a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of Interior, without violation of fundamental rights. All detectives of Detectives 360º have this authorization.

A private detective can investigate all kinds of private facts, as long as there is legitimate interest and can NEVER investigate public crimes.


On the other hand, it is totally illegal that a private detective access third-party messaging systems (Whatsapp, E-mail) or third-party telephones, therefore Detectives 360º does not perform this service.

No. If anyone is detected by the individual being investigated, they will be sued, since according to the Private Security Law the only ones authorized to carry out surveillance and followings are private detectives. In addition, they would greatly hinder a possible further intervention by professionals.
Always require the private detective to display his Professional Identity Card (TIP). He must take it with him in the discharge of his work. All Detectives 360º private detectives are legally authorized by the Ministry of Interior.
Private Detectives are subject to the Law of Private Security and the Law of Protection of Data and must maintain strict confidentiality on all the investigations carried out, as well as the data provided by the client. In Detectives 360º we can assure the compliance of these laws.
At the end of any investigation, the private detective provides the client a report in which the work carried out by the detective and the obtained evidence are specified. This report may be presented as evidence to the Courts of Justice and be ratified by a private detective.
The validity of the report of a private detective to the Courts of Justice is complete, as long as they are a professional legally authorized by the Ministry of Interior, so do not hesitate to demand the display of the Professional Identity Card (TIP). All detectives of Detectives 360º are legally authorized.
The duration of the investigation depends on each specific case-its difficulty and its details. In Detectives 360º, we strive to carry out investigations in the shortest possible time, so as not to sacrifice success for expediency.
Each and every one of the investigations carried out are unique and therefore it is difficult to provide an approximate quantity. Usually, the service is budgeted by hours, although there is also the possibility of hiring it for days or half-days. In Detectives 360º we will help you to assess the cost of your case, its difficulty and the necessary resources for its realization.


Please, if you have any inquiry do not hesitate to contact us.

Our central office is located in Madrid (Cuzco) and you can contact us in person or online.

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Central office in Madrid (Cuzco), Spain

Attention on 650 341 538

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